Why Should I Invest In A CNC?

7 Reasons To Choose A Laguna CNC

* Training and setup are offered at an additional cost. ** Testing is limited to small pieces under 20 lbs in weight.


3-D Carving Armored Vehicles Countertops Name Plates
Acrylic Fabrication Automotive Fabrication Fiberglass Control Panels
Aluminum Fabrication Construction Gaskets/Seals Displays
Architectural Millwork Decorative Fencing Ornamental Metal Polished Edge Acrylic
Aerospace Job Shops Prototyping Sheet Metal Fabrication
Sign & Graphics Manufacturing Sign-Making Cabinetry
Digital Printing Marine Fabrication Textiles Exhibits/Fixtures
Packaging Metal Fabrication Vehicle Customization Braille Signage
Automotive Glass/Ceramics Vector Cutting Musical Instruments
HVAC Boat Building Raster Engraving Furniture

Materials Cut

Acyrlic MDF Honeycomb Material Cork
Aluminum Melamine Lexan Expandable PVS
Leather Phenolic Polycarbonate Foam
Carpet Plywood Titanium Fabric
ABS Plastic HDPE Polypropylene Foamcore
ACM Solid Surface Zinc Gator Foam
Copper Solid Wood Polyurethane Graphic Board
Brass Carbon Composite Precision Board Corrugated Plastic
PVC Delrin Rubber Kevlar
Foam Fiberglass Cardboard Paper
Pre-Preg Stainless Steel Granite Vinyl
Closed Cell Foam Bronze Marble Steel
HVAC Duct Liner Diamond Plate Plastics Stone
Rubber – Silicon Expanded Metal Mild Steel Wood
Rubber Mat Galvanized Mylar Concrete/Cement
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