Laguna CNC Routers For Cabinet Making

Making cabinetry requires an eye for detail, skill, and the best CNC router. Laguna CNC machines for cabinet making are fast, efficient, and offer multiple options for any application.

Why Laguna Tools For Cabinet Making

Today’s market dictates that cabinet makers must automate their shops to meet product demand, costs, labor savings, and quality. For forty years, Laguna Tools has provided the best CNC equipment, support, parts, and resources needed to meet the most demanding expectations and tackle any cabinet project.

Laguna Tools nested based routers are the first choice for serious cabinet makers. Whether you are a small one-person shop or a large production facility, Laguna Tools offers a full line of machinery to fit your budget and production demands.

It has long been established that integrating a CNC machine into your shop will increase productivity, reduce overall cost, and increase finish quality. When using a Laguna Tools CNC router, you’ll create a quality, perfect edge whether cutting one part or thousands. Additionally, using a Laguna Tools CNC machine will give you the ability to produce any style of cabinet, door, or drawer, allowing you to diversify into other markets such as closets, garage cabinets, or even custom furniture.

Industry Applications

Cabinet Making

Cabinet Making

When it comes to cabinet making, Laguna CNC routers offer both versatility and precision. From our affordable SmartShop® M to our high production SmartShop® 5 Axis, Laguna has a solution for every shop size and budget.

Closet/Door Making

Closets/Door Making

The Laguna CNC router is the perfect choice for flat panel processing. The ability to cut, drill, and shape in series without transferring material to multiple machines makes it the optimal tool for cabinets, closets and MDF door manufacturing.

Furniture Making

Furniture Making

The Laguna CNC machine provides excellent accuracy and repeatability in 3D applications, allowing you to create complex parts and 3D carvings with ease and saving you valuable time while increasing material yield.

Versatility & Value

Versatility & Value

Laguna CNC routers are versatile tools that excel across a wide range of markets. The ability to process wood, plastics, composites, and non-ferrous metals makes it the ideal CNC for many industries. With a robust all-steel frame and industry leading control platform options, it’s no surprise that Laguna is the number one choice for industrial CNC machinery.

What is the Best CNC Machine for Cabinet Making?

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Laguna Tools SmartShop® line of CNC machines continue to be the best CNC routers for cabinet making, having successfully installed thousands of units across North America. No other system offers the quality, build, service, and specifications at the best possible price point, guaranteeing you the fastest return on your investment.

Whether you’re a weekend warrior who loves DIY projects or running a professional manufacturing facility, everyone wants to get their hands on a Laguna CNC machine nowadays. What sets the Laguna CNC machines apart from the rest is that they are stable, high-precision units delivering exceptional performance on a variety of materials. They also boast easy-to-use controls and a larger work area allowing you to complete a project quicker and with better accuracy.

Laguna CNC Machines For Cabinet Making

Featured Machines

  • 6KW ATC 18K RPM 4 Position ATC Top Spindle
  • 3.5KW MTC 18K ROM Lower Spindle
  • Air Table For Floating Part Transfer

The SmartShop® 6D is a highly efficient machine that allows each side of a panel to be machined simultaneously for ultimate productivity. This six-sided drilling machine combines performance and flexibility for production panels requiring unique routing, drilling, and boring patterns on both sides of a panel. The double clamp fix method securely holds panels in place for increased precision. The 6D comes equipped with an air table for floating part transfer. For added flexibility, the 6D comes standard with a 4-position tool changer.

  • 12HP HSD Spindle
  • HSD 5×5 L Shape Drill Block
  • 8 Position Rotary Tool Changer

The SmartShop® Auto Loader is a game-changer for the cabinet making industry and those shops looking for maximum output of sheet goods. With the Automatic Lift Table, sheets of material are loaded onto the CNC router. Panels are then fed into the router for processing. After the CNC router has completed the program cycle, finished parts are moved from the router table to the out-feed table. Clean-Sweep Technology is enabled, clearing the table of any debris, and setting the router up for the next sheet. The finished parts are automatically moved to the offload table via a conveyor belt. The SmartShop® Auto Load and Unload system is plug & play and designed for maximum productivity with minimum labor.

  • 6HP Air-Cooled Hiteco Spindle
  • 450in/min Cut Speed
  • 4′ x 8′, 5′ x 10′ & Custom Table Sizes Available

The SmartShop® M offers the best value for your money. Some of the standout features of this machine are its 6HP HSD spindle, 8-position automatic tool changing system, and multi-zone vacuum table, with an optional 4th axis turner and Maglube misting system.  The SmartShop® M provides flexibility, cost-effectiveness, simplicity, and increased production at an economical price. 

  • 12HP HSD Spindle
  • 600in/min Cut Speed
  • 4′ x 8′, 5′ x 10′, 5′ x 12′ Table Sizes Available

The SmartShop® 2 Pro has been the bestselling CNC in its class since 2009 and is the ideal machine for cabinet production, sign making, furniture making, prototyping, guitar making and for the marine industry. The SmartShop® 2 Pro can cut, drill and 3D-surface almost any material imaginable with precision. It comes fully equipped with a 12HP HSD spindle, tool changer, vacuum table, and your choice of Syntec or B&R control systems. Overall, the SmartShop® 2 Pro is hard to beat.

  • 12HP HSD Spindle
  • 1,000in/min Cut Speed
  • 4′ x 8′, 5′ x 10′ & Custom Table Sizes Available

Laguna Tools has a long history (39 years) of providing equipment to the wood industry including furniture (solid wood and upholstered), custom windows and doors, cabinets, exhibits and store fixtures. The SmartShop® 2 Elite is the perfect choice for those businesses looking to increase production on a larger scale. The components that we select are the best available in every aspect from the most respected brands in their respective industries such as FANUC® and HSD.

  • 12HP HSD Spindle
  • 1,400in/min Cut Speed
  • Available in 4′ x 8′, 5′ x 10′, 5′ x 12′ Table Sizes with Drill Block

The SmartShop® 3 Excel boasts industry-leading FANUC® controls and servos. The FANUC® name is synonymous with quality and reliability, both in Controls AND Robotics – with a Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) of over 100,000 hours (about 11 and a half years), based upon empirical data and testing. With an optional HSD spindle up to 16HP, the Excel yields faster feed rates, deeper cuts, better edge quality, and higher performance. The SmartShop® 3 Excel is designed for those customers demanding maximal throughput and unrivaled productivity.  

  • HSD 2-Axis 9HP Spindle
  • FANUC 31i-B5 Industrial Control with FANUC 1,500-Watt Servo Package
  • Standard 12-Position Rotary Tool Charger (Automatic)

This SmartShop® 5 Axis is a continuous-use, heavy duty machine that can be used to process a wide range of applications including wood, plastics, foam, composites, and non-ferrous metals. These routers allow for more flexibility and complex machining requirements. The dual helical rack-and-pinion drive system, HSD spindles and FANUC® control ensure superior speed and accuracy. Available in a range of sizes and styles to accommodate various production needs, the 5-Axis provides ultimate flexibility in part design. These fine precision machines are commonly used for trimming, shaping, drilling, pattern-making and architectural design such as sculpting.

  • 5HP Delta Inverter
  • DSP Control System
  • 750W Delta Servo Motor and Driver

The SmartShop® J machine is a 3-axis horizontal CNC router. The J accurately and consistently routes several types of standard joints from classic mortise and tenon joinery to lockset and hinge mortising and RTA hardware. The J includes a 4.5HP air-cooled spindle and central lubrication system. It comes with a DSP handheld control system and comes standard with a 10-foot capacity for ultimate flexibility.


Our machines are the ideal choice for woodworkers, manufacturers or hobbyists who want to work on numerous designs and with various materials. Laguna CNC machines can work on:

Customer Success Stories

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1st In Emergency Products manufactures cabinets, consoles, electronic compartments, and other components that go into the manufacturing of emergency vehicles. The automatic tool changer in the SmartShop® M was the ultimate game changer to maximize efficiency.

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Bay Area Woodworking is a custom cabinet shop, providing custom cabinetry and furniture for homes, stores, offices, break rooms and various commercial applications. With the assistance of CNC technology, Bay Area Woodworking was able to achieve production demand.

John William MooneyThe Cabinet Warehouse
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"I purchased a SmartShop® 2 SUV (my first CNC router) a little over a year ago for my cabinet shop. I've been running it almost daily for about 14 months. I can't imagine not having it. It quickly became a critical piece of equipment in the shop. After about a year of use, I had a problem with a gearbox. Laguna's Tech Support (Josh) helped to diagnose the problem and get me back up and running quickly. When I buy another CNC router, I expect it will be another Laguna."
Jim Walz
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"I bought a SmartShop® II late last year. We are a small shop in Northern California and I have put this machine through some very long days. I have cut cabinet parts out of 38 sheets of plywood in one day. This machine performed great...If you are a small cabinet shop and you are looking for a machine that will cut productively I would highly suggest this machine. I have had cheaper machines in the past that didn't perform at all to what the manufacturer said they would so be very cautious about the cheap machines, they will cost you far more than they are worth."
Jeff Blevins
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I have several Laguna products in my cabinet shop including...a SmartShop® 2 CNC. All the tools have served me well but when the occasional problem occurs it is quickly addressed and resolved by tech support. My phone calls have always been returned promptly and any parts I've ever needed have been shipped out same day. Techs are great at explaining what we are doing while troubleshooting and always make sure the problem is fixed...they are of much, much better quality than the other brand (I own some of them as well). A machine is only as good as the people standing behind it and Laguna gets an A+!
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