CNC Projects

From DIY projects to mass production for your business, a CNC can open the door to many possibilities! Here are a few projects that you can download and use to explore the capabilities of your CNC router or laser.

Check back for new projects and available files!

Laguna CNC DIY Projects

Create this dazzling Mancala board for your next game night!
This laser cut acrylic American flag will red, white and Blow you away!
This custom made beer flight board has really raised the bar!
Pull up a chair and get to work on this custom desk and chair set!
This custom gun rack CNC project is worth a shot!
This fishing pole rack is a project you can really sink your hooks into!
Have a whale of a time creating this stunning cutting board!
This guide will walk you through the step-by-step process of CO2 image engraving
When you create stunning coasters like these, you'll know the best drinks are always on them
Create stunning cabinets with CabinetSense & VCarve Pro
Create your own CNC vacuum fixture in mere minutes!
These custom 2021 holiday ornaments will simply "sleigh" you!
This beautiful turkey can improve anyone's FOWL Mood!
This terrifying decor will help you "creep it real" this Halloween!
"Trick or treat yo' self" with a festive Pumpkin Candy Tray
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