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Laguna Tools is a leading and trusted brand of computer numerical control (CNC) and industrial machinery for over 40 years. Our machines are world-class and unrivaled when it comes to quality and precision. We offer a wide range of products including CNC milling machines, CNC routers, plasma cutters, lathe machines, and grinders. Laguna Tools strives to provide solutions that are reliable, affordable, and cater to an expanding variety of industries.

Industry Applications

Why buy a Laguna Tools CNC Machine?

Quite simply, more machine for your money. Laguna Tools offers superior quality and performance at an affordable price. Take your shop to the next level with one of our many turn-key CNC programming solutions and start producing high-quality products.

Laguna Tools has a wide selection of CNCs designed to handle an infinite variety of applications with speed and precision. Additionally, our team of experts is always available to help you get the most out of your CNC machine tools. If you’re looking for quality, performance, value, and customer service to back it all up, Laguna Tools is the right choice for you.

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Laguna CNC Machine Lineup

The SmartShop Series of CNC machinery has been designed for the modern craftsman. With intuitive, industry-leading controls and a rock-solid build, these machines are the best choice for anyone looking to add high speed, automation, and precision machining to their business. Whether you’re just getting started in manufacturing, or you’ve been at it for years, the SmartShop Series offers the accuracy, power, and flexibility you need to create professional results with ease. From a 5-axis CNC to a fabricator specifically designed for cutting Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP), you’ll find the specialized machinery your shop needs.

Laguna Tools Fiber Lasers are some of the most precise and versatile lasers on the market today. Our fiber lasers utilize the most advanced power supplies from IPG and can handle the most demanding applications. With optional enclosures, shuttle tables, and tube cutters, Laguna Tools can configure the optimal solution to meet your manufacturing process needs.

The Laguna Tools line of CO2 lasers was designed to meet all your laser cutting and engraving needs at an affordable price. Packed with user-friendly features, the operation of our CO2 lasers is a breeze and is virtually plug-and-play for any machining operation.

The Laguna Tools Swift Series CNC Routers provide excellent performance for advanced hobbyists and small businesses. The Swift Series offers an impressive range of features, cutting tools, and configurations that will appeal to both novice and experienced operators. With a 3HP industrial spindle and an optional vacuum table, the Swift CNC excels at machining workpieces made from wood, plastics, composites, and non-ferrous metals.

The Laguna MT (Multi-Tool) was designed to meet the needs of those shops that process a variety of materials not always suited to a traditional CNC router. The unique design of the Laguna MT allows your operator to transition from routing, knife-cutting, and creasing. The Laguna MT includes a fixed knife, creasing unit, oscillating knife, and router, allowing you to maximize the full capability of the table for a multitude of machining processes. Optional units, such as a camera for registration marks, are available for customization to suit your specific needs and workflow.

Entry-level woodworkers, hobbyists, and small business owners alike select the Laguna Tools iQ Series desktop CNC routers when they’re looking for a compact, space-saving solution. The benchtop CNC router is ideal for anyone looking for a user-friendly machine that doesn’t sacrifice quality for affordability. With a work envelope of 2′ x 4′, this machine can handle a wide range of prototyping and small production tasks. Handheld controllers display the tool path and G-code during design.

Looking for a dependable and cost-efficient machine to take your business up a notch? Laguna Tools has unique specialty CNCs made just for your business! Custom-built with your needs in mind, our machines are guaranteed to save you time and money. With consistent and defined cuts and CAD/CAM integrations, our specialty CNCs will let you complete machine work faster and more productively than ever before.

The Laguna Tools Series CNC Plasma is the perfect fit for businesses that need high performance at an entry-level plasma price. A solid steel frame means the Laguna CNC plasma has minimal vibration and excellent precision. With optional power supplies from industry leader Hypertherm, Laguna Tool can tailor a machine to meet all of your machine shop’s fabricating needs.

Laguna Tools also offers a wide range of accessories like rotary attachments, dust hoods, and air coolant systems.

What Our Customers Say

Experienced machinists and programmers know they can rely on Laguna Tools for the best products and service. Read what our customers have to say:

John William MooneyThe Cabinet Warehouse
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"I purchased a SmartShop® 2 SUV (my first CNC router) a little over a year ago for my cabinet shop. I've been running it almost daily for about 14 months. I can't imagine not having it. It quickly became a critical piece of equipment in the shop. After about a year of use, I had a problem with a gearbox. Laguna's Tech Support (Josh) helped to diagnose the problem and get me back up and running quickly. When I buy another CNC router, I expect it will be another Laguna."
Jim Walz
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"I bought a SmartShop® II late last year. We are a small shop in Northern California and I have put this machine through some very long days. I have cut cabinet parts out of 38 sheets of plywood in one day. This machine performed great...If you are a small cabinet shop and you are looking for a machine that will cut productively I would highly suggest this machine. I have had cheaper machines in the past that didn't perform at all to what the manufacturer said they would so be very cautious about the cheap machines, they will cost you far more than they are worth."
Jeff Blevins
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I have several Laguna products in my cabinet shop including...a SmartShop® 2 CNC. All the tools have served me well but when the occasional problem occurs it is quickly addressed and resolved by tech support. My phone calls have always been returned promptly and any parts I've ever needed have been shipped out same day. Techs are great at explaining what we are doing while troubleshooting and always make sure the problem is fixed...they are of much, much better quality than the other brand (I own some of them as well). A machine is only as good as the people standing behind it and Laguna gets an A+!

CNC Router Features

There are many types of CNC machines for different purposes. The features shown below are the most common components of CNC machines.
Smartshop Pro 2 With Cab 2022 1


Laguna utilizes cutting-edge CNC and motion control systems for a wide range of applications - from basic high-volume, high-repetition commodity production, to unique, highly complex parts that require the highest precision and advanced machining techniques. We have controls, computer-aided design software, motion controllers, drives, and motors to meet all machining needs and budgets.

Vacuum Table

Laguna CNC machines offer both Hi-flow and Pod-ready vacuum tables that outperform the competition and provide more flexibility, allowing you to choose how best to hold your material.

Drive System

For accuracy and long-term durability, Laguna CNCs are equipped with helical racks and pinions on the x and y-axis. Helical rack and pinion drive systems are the industry standard on ALL high-end CNC machines. Don’t be fooled by the small majority of CNC manufacturers that still use antiquated ball screw technology on a moving gantry machine.


HSD quick-change air-cooled and liquid-cooled milling motor spindles are world leaders in the machining of wood, aluminum, and plastics. The spindles, produced in their thousands, are characterized by their extremely high reliability and the wide range of powers and operating speeds available.


Laguna CNCs provide up to 12 inches of clearance and construction with heavy-duty welded tubular steel that has been designed to achieve the highest cutting forces and vibration reduction.

Material Applications

For decades, Laguna Tools has been a trusted source for CNC lathes, milling machines, and plasma cutters. Founded in 1983 to serve the woodworking industry, Laguna Tools has expanded our reach to service professional machinists and CNC operators in the automotive, aerospace, and 3D printing industries. For more information about the types of CNC machines we carry or to speak with a specialist, call us at 1-800-234-1976 today.


We have several types of CNC machinery:

  • Woodworking CNC Machines
    Laguna offers CNC Routers, CO2 lasers, Edgebanders, and Joinery Machines for your woodshop. Our industry-leading woodworking machinery were designed and developed, leveraging our 40 years of experience in the woodworking field. Laguna woodworking CNC machines excel at processing sheet goods, hard and soft woods, composites, rigid foam, plastics, and non-ferrous metals.
  • Metalworking CNC Machines
    Laguna offers an extensive line of Plasma Cutters, Fiber Lasers, Laser Engravers, and Metal Sanding Machines to fit any metal shop. Our high-end Fiber Lasers and Plasma Cutters offer superior edge quality and accuracy to cut through metal with ease and fine accuracy. With variable power supply and machine size options, Laguna Tools has the right machine to fit any shop.
  • Multi-Tool CNC Machines
    Our Multi-Tool Series (Swift MT and SmartShop MT) expands the processing capabilities of the machine with the addition of multiple knife units and a camera system for reading registration marks. Combining heavy-duty routing with the ability to cut thin substrates such as vinyl, leather, gator board, chloroplast, PVC, and soft foam products. The MT provides the optimal solution for shops that specialize in sign making, set design, and commercial display work.

For more details and immediate assistance, please speak with a sales expert, who can answer your unique questions and help you select the right model for your purposes (or fill out a form).

Laguna Tools offers a wide variety of commercial finance options. The benefit of financing allows your business to preserve capital and allow your machinery to pay for itself. There are also tax benefits such as the section 179 program that may allow you to write off up to 100% of the machine cost in the first year.

See further details or download the loan application.

Since 1983, Laguna Tools has been a leader in providing quality machinery for many manufacturing sectors.

Our machines are designed in the USA and assembled in our 150,000 square foot facility in Dallas, Texas. Laguna provides industry-leading controls and components from industry leaders such as FANUC, B&R Automation, Syntec, and HSD. No other company provides the price to the performance that you can expect from a Laguna product.

But don’t take our word for it, read the countless reviews about our machines here.

With five service centers strategically placed across the US, you can be assured that you will receive the best possible service and support for your machinery. Laguna Tools’ world class service team provides the following service option when you purchase your machine:

  • Onsite installation and training
  • Lifetime technical support via phone or Zoom meeting
  • Optional application and software support
  • Access to a vast library of support videos
To have your questions answered quickly, contact a sales expert today
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