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SmartShop® MT Elite

Rapid Knife Cutting – Sign Making – Vinyl Cutting

The Laguna SmartShop® MT Elite is the most versatile router platform ever created. Industry-leading Fanuc® controls empower you with seamless operation, precise movements, and unrivaled reliability. Say goodbye to guesswork – the SmartShop® MT Elite responds to your commands with surgical precision.

High-performance Fanuc® servos redefine speed, accuracy, and efficiency. Whether you’re carving intricate designs or tackling large-scale projects, the SmartShop® MT Elite’s servos deliver consistent results.

No compromises. The SmartShop® MT Elite’s spacious tool plate lets you mount various tools, from precision router bits to robust knife options.

  • 750 watt FANUC Servo Drive Motors
  • Z-Axis Ballscrew Drive System
  • 6-Zone Phenolic Grid Table With Embedded T-Slots
  • One Piece Tubular Steel Frame
  • Centralized Lubrication System
  • 12 HP HSD Air-Cooled Spindle
  • 8 Position Auto Tool Changer
  • 10HP Vacuum Pump
  • 12″ Gantry Clearance | Up To Three Additional Cutting Devices
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Standard MT Tools
laguna vision

Laguna Vision

The optical registration system revolutionizes your workflow. It scans printed graphics, aligns them precisely with your digital designs, and ensures spot-on placement.

drag knife

Tangential Osillating Knife

A cutting tool that operates by oscillating a sharp blade up and down at a high rate of speed as the CNC machine follows its programmed path.  It ensures a full range of motion, proper geometry, and efficient functionality streamlining your production.

oscillating knife

Drag Knife

This knife glides smoothly across various materials, including foam, rubber, and thin plastics. It’s perfect for intricate shapes, lettering, and contour cutting. Say goodbye to jagged edges – the drag knife delivers precision.

Optional Accessories
creasing wheel

Creasing Wheel

The Creasing Wheel is your secret weapon for precision scoring and folding. Whether you’re working with cardboard, foam, or other materials, this accessory ensures clean, professional creases. Perfect for packaging, signage, and intricate designs.

kiss cutter

Kiss Cut Knife

The Kiss Cut Knife is your go-to tool for delicate work. It gently cuts through adhesive-backed vinyl, stickers, and decals without damaging the backing material. Ideal for custom labels, decals, and intricate graphics.

adjustable v cutter

VCut Tool

The V-Cut Tool adds versatility to your SmartShop® MT. It creates crisp V-shaped grooves, chamfers, and decorative edges. Use it for architectural details, sign lettering, or adding depth to your projects.

rotary cutting tool

Rotary Knife

The Rotary Knife is your ticket to 360-degree creativity. It effortlessly cuts fabrics, leather, and soft materials. Whether you’re crafting apparel, upholstery, or custom patches, the rotary knife ensures clean, continuous cuts.

Material Versatility
Laguna SmartShop® MT Elite CNC

Drive System Z Axis: Lead Screw

Standard Works Surface: 6-Zone Phenolic Grid Table With T-Slots Embedded

Welded One Piece Tubular Steel Frame

Centralized Lubrication System

Stock Spindle, 4HP Liquid-Cooled

6-Zone Vacuum Table

10HP Vacuum Pump

Centralized Lubrication

WinCNC Controller

Option To Add Up To Three Additional Tool Devices

Shipping Weight: 2600 lbs

Shipping Dimensions: 110″ x 60″ x 65″

MT Vision Specifications Overview

Win CNC Manual

Win CNC Operating the EOT-2 Manual

Win CNC Operating The TCM-3 Manual

Win CNC Optiscout Operations Manual

Win CNC 4th Axis Manual

Win CNC Automatic Tool Changer

MT Head
(1) Laguna Vision

Modular optical recognition system for multi-functional flatbed machines for industrial usage in exact-outline digital finishing processes.

(2) Oscillating Tangential Saw

The EOT-2 is a processing unit for CNC machines to cut various materials such as cardboard, sealing materials, foils, corrugated cardboard, carbon fiber prepreg material, leather, rigid foam, and many others. It is a precise quality product made in Germany developed and produced by ECOCAM. A powerful oscillation motor moves the blade quickly up and down while an actuator rotates the blade in each direction of cutting. Thus, even strong thick materials con be cut precisely and quickly.

(3) Laguna Tangential Knife System

Laguna Tools has developed our knife system using German-made units coupled to our WinCNC Control System, giving customers a very high level of performance at an extremely affordable price point. Our knife system allows you to choose from many different blade types: Rotary, creasing, drag, kiss cut, spear, and many more.

(4) Laguna Spindle Options
  • 3 HP Liquid Cooled
  • 5.5 HP Hiteco ATC
  • 12 HP HSD ATC
  • Optional:  8 Position Automatic Tool Changer
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