Generate Revenue As You Pay

Laguna Tools offers third-party financing options so that you can gain profits while making payments.

  • 100% Financing
  • 100% Tax Write Off – Can Qualify For Section 179 Benefits
  • Preserve Your Working Capital & Bank Lines of Credit
  • Immediate Return On Investment
  • Quick Application Turnaround (Typically Within 24 Hours)
  • Have Use Of Your Equipment For 90 Days Before Your First Payment Is Due
  • 80% Of Companies Have Financed Equipment
  • Download The One-Page Application To Get Started Or Speak With A Representative Listed On The Application


If preserving working capital, accumulating tax deductions, and seeing immediate profitability is important to you, you are likely a prime financing candidate.

Full Breakdown Of Equipment Commercial Financing

Financing affords you the option of getting new equipment now and paying for it in small manageable payments. You can start earning money right away and realize an immediate return on your investment!

Loans are equipment financing agreements that enable businesses to purchase equipment or software, finance up to 100% of the cost of acquisition and repay the cost over time. As owner of the equipment, a business can realize the benefits of depreciation and interest expense deductions for tax purposes.

Laguna offers many finance options from our trusted partners. The rates are very competitive and give you the best options to own your machine quickly.

Is there a penalty for early payment?

Our primary lender and most other equipment finance companies we use typically do not have a penalty if paid after 12 months.

Can I take advantage of tax benefits and deduct payments?

Yes, Section 179 is an incentive for small to medium sized businesses to invest in equipment and grow their company through reduced tax liabilities. Under extended Section 179 limits established by the Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act of 2015, businesses are allowed to purchase qualifying equipment to immediately depreciate new or used equipment costs.

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