More CNC Router For Your Money

The SmartShop Series excels at delivering unparalleled cut quality and consistency. Designed with the user in mind, even for the most beginner CNC user can be operating a new CNC in just days, not weeks.

The SmartShop Series

• 5.5hp Air-Cooled Hiteco Spindle

• 450″/min Cut Speed

• Available in 4′ x 4′, 4′ x 8′, 5′ x 10′ Table Sizes


• 12hp HSD Spindle

• 600″/min Max Cutting Speed

• 4′ x 4′, 4′ x 8′, 5′ x 10′ Table Sizes Available


• 12hp HSD Spindle

• 1,000in/min Max Cutting Speed

• Available in 4′ x 4′, 4′ x 8′, 5′ x 10′ Table Sizes


• 12hp HSD Spindle

• 1,400in/min Cutting Speed

• Available in 4′ x 8′, 5′ x 10′, 5′ x 12′ Table Sizes With Drill Block


• HSD 2-Axis 9HP Spindle

• Standard 12-Position, Automatic Rotary Tool Changer

• FANUC 31i-B5 Industrial Control W/ FANUC 1,500-Watt Servo Package



If you’re looking for efficiency in a CNC machine, our SmartShop CNC routers are an excellent way to go. These machines allow you to increase the speed of production and improve the quality of your cuts, growing your business along the way. Excellent for making surf racks, shelf units, kitchen cabinets, skis and much more, our large CNC machines are designed to make setup and programming effortless, all while giving you highly precise edge finishes.


Within our SmartShop selection, you’ll find incredibly stable large CNC machines featuring one-piece steel frames. These models are much more reliable than many CNC machines you find elsewhere at similar prices. In addition to a liquid-cooled electrospindle, which helps with long production cycles, each of our SmartShop routers also features a user-friendly control system that’s easy to operate.


Trying to figure out which SmartShop® is right for you? Contact our team to learn more about how our tools can craft anything you have in mind.

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