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SmartShop® 2 Elite

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This machine is ideal for high production sheet processing operations. Combining a heavy all-steel frame, FANUC® controls, and servos running on helical rack and pinion, the SmartShop® 2 Elite gives you the confidence to handle the highest production loads with ease while ensuring accuracy and cut quality.

  • 12HP HSD Spindle
  • 750W FANUC® Servos Drive Motors
  • FANUC® Oi-MF PLUS Control System
  • Up To 2,500 IPM Rapid Speed
  • 12″ Z Clearance
  • 14″ Z Travel
  • 8 Position Static Tool Changer
  • Allows Expansion For 4th Axis Turner
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Laguna SmartShop® 2 Elite CNC


  • FANUC Servos and Control System
  • Up To 2,500 IPM Rapid Speed
  • Servo Drive System For X, Y, Z and A
  • Allows Expansion To Include 4th Axis Turner
  • Helical Rack and Pinion Drive For X and Y Axis, With Precision Ball Screw For Z Axis
  • Shimpo Heavy Industrial Planetary Gearboxes Used On X and Y Axis
  • 12HP HSD ISO30 Spindle With 8 Position Tool Rack
  • 6-Zone Pod Ready Vacuum Table



Smartshop 2 Elite 2022 Gantry 1
  • 12HP HSD Italian-Made Spindle
  • ISO-30 (ATC) 4 Tool Holders, Collets, and Precision Collet Nuts
  • 6,000 – 24,000 RPM
  • 25mm Heavy-Duty
  • HiWin HG Series Linear Bearings and Rails On All Axis Rack


Control & Display

Smartshop 2 Elite With Cab 2022 Beauty Right 1


  • On Machine, G-Code Editing
  • G-Code Preview Function Includes X and Y Representation (Trace) Of The Selected G-Code
  • Expanded G-Code Monitor On The Run Screen

Controls & Display

  • Password Protected Servo Tuning Screens – Eliminates Requirements For An On-Site Technician During Servo Tuning Adjustments M0 Pause Function Built In With Disable Button
  • Ability To Use and Disable Programed Control Blocks
  • Built-In System Diagnostics Screens For Quick, Precise Troubleshooting
  • Expanded File Management Control
  • Absolute Positioning Encoders, With No Homing Required
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