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SmartShop® 6D

The SmartShop® 6D is a compact, six-sided drilling machine from Laguna Tools. The 6D combines performance and flexibility for production of panels requiring unique routing, drilling, and boring patterns on both sides of a panel. The unique nature of these machines allows each side to be machined simultaneously, allowing for a high degree of automation and productivity.

  • 1 Piece Welded Frame
  • Air Table For Floating Part Transfer
  • Rear Discharge With Conveyor Movement
  • Min. Work Piece: 8″ x 1-1/8″ x 2″
  • Max Work Piece: 110″ x 47″ x 2″
  • Double Clamp Fix Method For Hold Down


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Laguna SmartShop® 6D CNC

Servo Motors

  • Y-Axis: 1.3kw
  • Z-Axis: 850w
  • X-Axis: 400w
  • W-Axis: 400w


  • Top Spindle: 6KW ATC 18K RPM 4 Position ATC
  • Lower Spindle: 3.5KW MTC 18K ROM

Drill Banks Top

  • 12+4 12 Vertical & 4 Horizontal 2X 2Y

Drill Bank Bottom

  • 9 Position
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