Custom Products & Crafts

IQ CNC Cutting Dice Box

CNC machines give you a greater degree of control and accuracy when creating custom crafts.

IQ | Swift

Manufacturing & High Production

SmartShop CNC Machine in Chipotle Design Studio

CNC’s that make the programming process simple and help you increase the speed of production.

Swift | SmartShop | Turner

Cabinet Making

CNC Cut Cabinetry on SmartShop II

Automated machines made to efficiently construct a glue-less, screwless solution for cabinet making.


Sign Making

SmartShop MT Sign Cutting

CNC’s that bring sketches to life in the form of physical signs.


Metal Cutting

Metal cutting on Laguna Fiber CNC Laser

CNC’s that make quick and precise cuts on stainless steel, copper, bronze and brass.

PlasmaFiber Laser

Non-Metal Engraving & Cutting

CO2 Laser CNC Etching Picture into Wood

CNC’s specifically tailored toward cutting and engraving images on non-metal materials such as acrylic and thin woods.

CO2 Laser

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CNC Routers

Improve productivity with a CNC router. These machines are capable of cutting a variety of hard materials, including wood, composites, aluminum, steel, plastics and foams, giving you highly precise results.


IQ Series CNC Machines

Craftsmen rely on CNC machines to bring a greater degree of control and precision when cutting and shaping custom products. Compared to crafting by hand, computer-controlled machines complete jobs faster and make it possible to create exact copies of a product.

Priced From $6,495 – $12,995

Swift Series CNC Machines

From prototyping to art and everything in between, users have a wide range of options for turning designs into reality. While the prices of these CNC machines are dependent on size and capability, we do have affordable models for hobbyists on a budget.

Priced From $12,595 – $60,995

Industrial Swift Series CNC Routers

SmartShop Series CNC Machines

CNC machines used in manufacturing are typically larger and designed to make the programming process effortless with user-friendly controls. With these machines, businesses reap the benefits of increased speed in production and enjoy quality and consistency as they create more product. The type of machine you will want to use — whether it be a CNC lathe, router or mill — will depend on what you’re producing and the material you will be cutting. Compared to the computer-controlled tools used by hobbyists, these models are usually more expensive, but they’re a necessity when it comes to optimal precision for repetitive tasks.

Priced From $22,995 – $131,995

Multi-Tool Series CNC Routers

From one-man shops to larger businesses, sign making is a wildly popular application for CNC machines. With CNC, simple sketches can easily be transformed into physical signs, whether you’re completing a 2D project or bringing to life an intricate three-dimensional design. The Multi-Tool is capable of utilizing various different tools including the following:

  • Creasing Wheel
  • Routing Spindle
  • Drag Knife System
  • Laguna Vision System
  • Tangential Knife System
  • Reciprocating Knife System
  • Multiple Spindle Power Options

Starting at $39,999

Multi-Tool CNC Router Sign Making Machine

Turner Series CNC Routers

Some shops need to make parts or products that require 360 routing. Whether you are making stair posts, statues, or anything else that is 3D, the Turner Series can help achieve a perfect finish around the whole piece of wood. Similar to a CNC Lathe but better suited for wood production.

Priced From $11,095 – $26,495

LD4 Lock Dowel Machine

Many cabinet-making businesses use CNC for rapid production and for getting the most efficient use out of their materials. Commonly used for manufacturing cabinets, drawers, desks and other types of furniture, in many cases these machines are specifically designed to drill and insert fasteners so you don’t have to deal with screws and glue. Cabinet-making CNC machines are easy to operate as the user is usually only tasked with loading the material. They can be found in small shops as well as in larger facilities.

Priced From $69,995

Specialty CNC Machines

With machines like the Batmaster CNC Turner, LD4 Lockdowel machine, and Composite Fabrication CNC machine, we can help you find the perfect way to automate your niche market!

Starting at $69,995

CNC Plasma Cutters

Our SmartShop plasma series comprises machines capable of multi-axis cutting, opening the door for complex welding seams. Typically used on thick materials, these CNC plasma cutters produce fantastic edge finishes and are perfect for creating signage, wall art and much more.

Plasma Series CNC Machines

CNC plasma cutting involves using a jet of compressed gas to make cuts, and while it opens the door to cutting both thin and thick metal materials in curved shapes, it isn’t as effective as a laser when it comes to producing smooth edge finishes.

Plasma 1: Up to 1/2″ production cutting.

Plasma 2: Up to 5/8″ production cutting.

Plasma 3: Up to 1.25″ production cutting.

Plasma CNC Machine

CNC Lasers

CNC machines are also often used for engraving and cutting images and messages on non-metal materials like acrylic and thin woods. During these types of jobs, complex designs can be carved quickly and accurately with minimal residue left behind. For this application, a CO2 laser is an excellent option.

Fiber Laser Series CNC Machines

If you’re in need of a CNC machine that can cut stainless steel, copper, bronze and brass, your options are to use a CNC laser, plasma or waterjet. Laser machines enable you to make quick and accurate cuts on sheets of metal while minimizing maintenance, helping you save on operating costs.

  • Carbon Steel (Up to .8″ Thick)
  • Stainless Steel (Up to .41″ Thick)
  • Copper (Up to .24″ Thick)
  • Aluminum (Up to .31″ Thick)

Starting at $60,495

CO² Laser Series CNC Machines

By bouncing light emissions between mirrors, CO2 lasers create a beam that can penetrate a partially transparent mirror at the tip of the router head and produce highly precise engravings in a short amount of time.

Starting at $5,495

pro laser cnc machine

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