IQ Series CNC Machines

IQ – Desktop CNC machines have been around for awhile, but the IQ is the original industrial benchtop cnc router. The IQ is perfect for prototyping and smaller production runs.

IQ Pro – Enhanced with the introduction of a more powerful handheld control that allows for tool path previewing and a three position automatic tool changer.

Priced From $5,999 – $11,999

Swift Series CNC Machines

The Laguna Swift CNC machine features an industrial-grade liquid cooled spindle and constructed in a one-piece welded steel frame, the Swift comes with a standard hand-held controller and has a gantry height of 6″.

The Laguna Swift Vacuum adds the convenience of a phenolic vacuum table to hold all your parts.

The Swift|MT packs the power of our Smartshop|MT into a smaller package perfect for any sign shop.  

Priced From $11,995 – $49,900

Industrial Swift Series CNC Routers

SmartShop Series CNC Machines

SSI NON ATC – is a step above the Swift with a heavier frame and 6hp spindle.

SSII ATC – Laguna Tools #1 selling CNC router. Perfectly created for the cabinet industry but fit for any job. Industrial CNC machine series with lots of options.

SSIII ATC – Boasting a 12hp full servo FANUC package, the SSIII ensures accuracy that is the gold standard in the industry.

Priced From $21,495 – $78,900

Multi-Tool Series CNC Routers

The Laguna Tools SmartShop|MT is the most versatile router platform ever created. With an extended gantry and extra-large tool plate, the machine can be configured to meet multiple production needs in a single machine. Applications for this machine are endless.

  • Creasing Wheel
  • Routing Spindle
  • Drag Knife System
  • Laguna Vision System
  • Tangential Knife System
  • Reciprocating Knife System
  • Multiple Spindle Power Options

Starting at $39,999

Multi-Tool CNC Router Sign Making Machine

SUV Series CNC Machines

The SmartShop II SUV CNC machine is an enhanced revision of the popular SmartShop II router. This “Souped Up Version” is bolstered with B&R servos, planetary gears, and more, to allow cut speeds of up to 1000 ipm. The SUV ranks supreme vs other CNC machines and is backed by world class customer support.

Starting at $45,995

CF Series CNC Machines

The Laguna SmartShop CF (Composite Fabrication) CNC machine focuses on cutting Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP) or Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) commonly found in wall panels, insulation, and signage.

Priced From $95,000 – $102,000

ACM Cutting and Fabrication Machine for Panels and Walls

Turner Series CNC Routers

Laguna’s CNC 3 Axis Turners are able to make incredibly detailed spindles and repeat infinitely. Our CNC Turners are powered by a Liquid-Cooled 3HP spindle capable of running very long run times without overheating.

Priced From $10,495 – $13,995

Plasma Series CNC Machines

Our line of Plasma Cutter CNC machines offer industry leading performance at competitive prices.

Plasma 1: Up to 1/2″ production cutting.

Plasma 2: Up to 5/8″ production cutting.

Plasma 3: Up to 1.25″ production cutting.

Plasma CNC Machine

Specialty CNC Machines

With machines like the Batmaster CNC Turner, LD4 Lockdowel machine, and Composite Fabrication CNC machine, we can help you find the perfect way to automate your niche market!

Starting at $59,995

CO² Laser Series CNC Machines

Laguna’s CO² Laser CNCs are both cost effective, and powerful. Capable of cutting thin metals (MNM & GMN models), rubber, wood, leather, and more with fine detail!

Starting at $5,060

pro laser cnc machine

Fiber Laser Series CNC Machines

Laguna’s Fiber Lasers are specialized for cutting metal efficiently, and with extreme accuracy. Comes in power levels ranging from 300W to 3000W.

  • Carbon Steel (Up to .8″ Thick)
  • Stainless Steel (Up to .41″ Thick)
  • Copper (Up to .24″ Thick)
  • Aluminum (Up to .31″ Thick)

Starting at $78,700

Galvo Laser Series CNC Machines

Our Fiber Laser Marker is perfect for small volume production of customized products. Capable of accurately marking a whole card in complex detail in a matter of seconds, this CNC machine exudes efficiency and speed.

Machines for on the go, view the Laguna Laser SP, Portable and Separable

Ultra-quick fiber lasers for marking

Starting at $10,780


CNC Laser Engraving Machine


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laser engraving wood close up

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