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P|Flux: 2

The P|Flux series gets a host of exciting new upgrades including an auto-cleaning feature standard on all models in this line.  The auto-clean conveniently activates every 10 minutes, or you can simply activate from the sleek redesigned remote. Overfilling the drum is a thing of the past, thanks to the super-sized 46 gallon octagonal drum (P|Flux 2 and 3), and a bright LED light illuminating the drum on all P|Flux models.  Plus, LED and audio warning lets you know when the drum is full – features that are now standard in this line.

  • 2 HP Motor
  • 1740 CFM Maximum Air Flow
  • 46 Gallon Octagon Drum



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P Flux 2

Dual paddle auto clean

Double Paddles runs 10 seconds each direction every 10 minutes

Caster wheels

2 locking caster, 2 free
all swivel 360°

COntrol panel

Control panel features
a brand new design

LED drum light

LED lights up drum to
better see the dust level

The P|flux series is loaded with new features
Explore the machine to learn about the multitude of changes & upgrades
Dust Collector Model Comparison
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P|Flux: 2
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