February CNC Deals

February Only

Free 4hp Spindle Upgrade
10% OFF EX/MX C02 Lasers

Increase your production capabilities with a state-of-the-art spindle upgrade and/or a C02 Laser

Swift Upgrade Package

Purchase a Swift Series CNC Router from LAGUNA in the month of February and get a FREE upgrade to a 4hp Italian-made Hiteco Spindle.

Why A Hiteco Spindle?

  • Air-cooled Spindle Head
  • Quick Change Tool (no collet nut)
  • Increased Cutting Power (4hp Motor)
  • Faster production capabilities

Swift Series starts at $13,645

10% OFF An EX/MX C02 Laser

For February, either include an EX/MX C02 Laser with the purchase of a Swift or by itself for 10% off and $125 worth of shipping credit

MX Starts at $8,500 | EX starts at $12,500