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The Laguna Tools SmartJet, a groundbreaking solution for many applications. It harnesses a jet stream capable of effortlessly slicing materials from the ultra-thin at.0005” to the substantial at 12” thickness. Astonishingly, the abrasive waterjet pierces or drills holes as small as.030” in diameter, offering unparalleled intricacy. Elevating usability, the Flashcut CAD/CAM/CNC interface empowers both seasoned professionals and newcomers. Elevate productivity and craftsmanship with the SmartJet, where innovation meets precision.

  • +/- 0.001 repeatability
  • 1 Gal/Min Max Flow Rate
  • 12″ Z-Axis Travel
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On-Site Training available upon request
Laguna SmartJet CNC
  • Precision Ground Ball Screws On X,Y and, Z Axis
  • 24″ Control Screen
  • Laser Pointer
  • IDE Diamond Orifice, Abrasive Cutting Head
  • KMT Neo 50 (60k PSI) or KMT Pro 50 (90k PSI)
  • Flashcut CNC Control & Drives
  • Closed Loop Industrial Chiller – 42K BTU
  • 500lb garnet hopper
  • On-Site Installation & Training
  • Available In 5’x10’ Or 6’x13’ Work Area Sizes
  • Assembled In Texas
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