Waterjet Cutter


The Laguna Tools SmartJet, a groundbreaking solution for many applications. It harnesses a jet stream capable of effortlessly slicing materials from the ultra-thin at .0005” to the substantial at 12” thickness. Astonishingly, the abrasive waterjet pierces or drills holes as small as .030” in diameter, offering unparalleled intricacy. Elevating usability, the Flashcut CAD/CAM/CNC interface empowers both seasoned professionals and newcomers. Elevate productivity and craftsmanship with the SmartJet, where innovation meets precision.

  • +/- 0.001 repeatability
  • 1 Gal/Min Max Flow Rate
  • 12″ Z-Axis Travel
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On-Site Training available upon request
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Laguna SmartJet CNC
  • Precision Ground Ball Screws On X,Y and, Z Axis
  • 24″ Control Screen
  • Laser Pointer
  • IDE Diamond Orifice, Abrasive Cutting Head
  • KMT Neo 50 (60k PSI) or KMT Pro 50 (90k PSI)
  • Flashcut CNC Control & Drives
  • Closed Loop Industrial Chiller – 42K BTU
  • 500lb garnet hopper
  • On-Site Installation & Training
  • Available In 5’x10’ Or 6’x13’ Work Area Sizes
  • Assembled In Texas
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