25-50 With Mobile Base
Mobile Base - Closed Stand
Mobile Base - Closed Stand
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SuperMax® Sanders

25-50 Drum Sander w/ Closed Stand

50” wide sanding capability in two passes, up to 25” wide in a single pass! The most affordable large capacity sander available. Imagine the range of projects you can precisely and consistently accomplish. Sand everything from stock as short as 2-1/4” or as thin as 1/32” and as wide as 50” (in two passes).

The 25-50 includes a closed stand for storage with an incorporated mobile base for easy portability. The sanding drum is wrapped with 80 grit abrasive and the conveyor speed is infinitely adjustable from 0-10’ per minute. A full range of abrasives are available to accomplish everything from abrasive planing to finish sanding.


* Limited Stock Available


Easy access abrasive attachment system, makes changing abrasives simple task with no tools required. The abrasive attachment system also maintains tension on the abrasive, keeping it snug on the drum and preventing overlap, not like other sanders.

  • Closed Stand with incorporated mobile base offers convenient abrasive storage and built-in portability.
  • Simple Alignment of sanding drum. A simple, single adjustment allows perfect alignment of the sanding drum.
  • Positive Alignment, will never misalign without adjusting. Cast iron head assembly securely attached and bolted to cast iron frame and base. Absolutely cannot accidentally mis-align


SKU: SUPMX-72550

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25-50 Drum Sander w/ Closed Stand
(SKU: SUPMX-72550)
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