Brand new to the Laguna lineup is the all-new PX|12 benchtop planer featuring the new QuadTec I cutterhead. The Laguna PX|12 QuadTec I is loaded with premium features to make woodworking safer and more enjoyable.


  • QuadTec I The new QuadTec I delivers what woodworkers want most in a compact package by providing a quiet, long-lasting performance with its 26 carbide The carbide inserts last longer than traditional planer knives and are 4 sided to provide a fresh cutting edge when rotated. The QuadTec I is a game changer when planing tricky grain in hardwoods
  • 2 HP Motor – The 2 HP motor provides plenty of power for this Best-in-Class benchtop planer. The motor spins the cutterhead at 10,000 RPM to provide the smoothest possible finish
  • Pull Out Extensions – The pull-out extensions and flip-down extensions make it easier to feed stock through the machine
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QuadTec:I Cutterhead
The brand new QuadTec:I is designed to offer an amazing finish on the most difficult species of wood
Hair Line Readout
The PX|12 features a Hair Line thickness readout for your connivence
Folding Tables
The PX|12 comes with 2 11-1/4" folding infeed/outfeed tables

Motor: 110v 2HP Universal 50/60hz/15 Amp.

Circuit Requirement: 20 Amp.

CSA: Yes

Bed Size: 12-½″ x 10-¼″

Pull-Out Extension: 11-¼″ Flip Down Extensions x 2

Max. Depth Of Cut: 3/32″

Max. Stock Thickness: 6″

Min. Stock Thickness: 5/32″

Min. Stock Length: 10″

Max. Stock Width: 12-½″

Feed Speed: 26 FPM

Dust Port Diameter: 4″ Step Down To 2-½″

Cutterhead RPM: 10000

Cutterhead Diameter: 1-⅞″

Cutterhead Insert #: 26 x 4-Sided Carbide, 4-Row

Plug (NEMA 5-15P): Yes

Noise (1m away): 92dB

Thickness Readout: Hair Line Readout

Dimensions Set Up Approx. 24″ x 34″

Dimensions Shipping: 25″ x 17″ x 21-½″

Net/Ship Weight: 65/72 Lbs.

The Brand New QuadTec:I Is Designed To Offer An Amazing Finish On The Most Difficult Species Of Wood

The inserts are solid carbide (14x14x2mm) so they can be rotated 4x to extend the already longer life Compared to HSS. The inserts are mounted on a straight line requiring less machining thus saving cost. The QuadTec: I is also quieter than conventional straight knives. Each insert is indexed requiring no jig when rotating or replacing.

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