Industrial Jointers

Industrial Series 16" Jointer

The Laguna Industrial Series Jointer is the true heavyweight of jointers. Our 16″ version features a total length of over 8 feet. The heavy cast-iron tables are supported by parallelogram adjusters and controlled through precision hand-wheel adjusters. The Laguna ShearTec cutterhead is equipped with German carbide insert knives for maximum durability and quick replacement. The fence is a heavy casting supported by a large diameter shaft with rack and pinion movement for smooth, repeatable accuracy. The overhead control panel allows for quick, easy operation. The swing-away guard is easily adjustable and removable for knife replacements. Also available in 12″ models.


  • 98″ Table Length
  • 16″ Jointer Width
  • 31.5″ Table Height 

Starting At


+ $299 Freight


MJO6405-0800 16" Jointer HD

Parallelogram Adjustments

Jointer Fence Tilt: 90-45 Degrees

Motor: 5 HP,220V, 3 Phase

Cutterhead Speed: 5000 RPM

Cutterhead Diameter: 110mm

Cutterhead: Laguna ShearTec I

Cast Iron Body

Over Head Controls

Rack & Pinion Fence

Weight: 1685 lbs

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