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SmartShop® Composite Fabricator 16

The Laguna Tools SmartShop CF16 CNC Router was created specifically for the ACP fabrication industry. It is designed to perform clean and accurate cuts at high speed to efficiently produce aluminum composite panels. The large table format (5′ x 16′) of the CF16 is especially well-suited for machining the large architectural panels that are required in many ACM applications. Machining accuracy and cut quality are assured by the exclusive Laguna SmartShop one-piece, all-welded structural steel base frame system. The machines feature Laguna’s special six-zone vacuum table design and a variety of vacuum pumps are available with the machines depending on application requirements.

  • Huge machining area 5′ x 16′ — 1500mm x 4800mm *Custom sizes available
  • Unique Pressure “Shoe” design for optimum depth accuracy- even if the panel is not completely flat
  • Helical Rack and Pinon drives on X and Y axes. Ball screw on Z axes
  • 1,2 and 3 spindle design. Also available with ATC spindle.
  • (3) 6HP Italian HSD spindles shown on machine below


Training available upon request Via Zoom

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