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SuperMax® Sanders

37×2 Double Drum Sander

Sand two grits in a single pass with a 37×2 Double Drum Sander. Featuring INTELLISAND® Technology and a 5 HP 220 Volt 1 phase motor, you can significantly reduce the amount of time you spend sanding.

The 37×2 Double Drum Sander features INTELLISAND® Technology that auto-regulates the conveyor based on load, preventing burning, gouging, and damaging stock. The machine comes standard on an open-column base, and features a 5 HP motor. Available in Single phase only.

25×2 Double Drum Sander Also Available

  • INTELLISAND® Technology: Automatically adjusts conveyor speed based on load
  • Prevents gouging, damaging or burning stock
  • Provides consistent finish even with varying grain pattern and density
  • Greatly increases abrasive planing and dimensioning speed


SKU: SUPMX-937003

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37×2 Double Drum Sander
(SKU: SUPMX-937003)
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