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Laguna Customer Service

Customer Service is not a department but an attitude that we instill throughout Laguna Tools.

We are often asked how our customer service is handled, and we understand that this is an important component when making a decision on a major purchase. We have developed a proven system that gives the management in our company instant visibility of who has called, what their issues were and how Laguna Tools addressed their problem. It starts with the customer calling into Laguna Tools or e-mailing Customer_Service@lagunatools.com; then the customer’s account has a ticket attached to his/her file.

Customer Service contacts the customer as soon as possible and in most cases it is within the hour. Each call is taken in the sequential order in which it has been received, and our staff must attempt to make contact with the customer a minimum of three times before they can close the ticket. These calls must be made at different times of day and, if needed, we will call all of the customer’s numbers on the account to make contact with his/her. Every issue, concern or question is documented in the customer’s file with the answer and any other additional comments to assist the customer in getting the best performance from their machine.

Throughout the day the number of tickets are monitored to evaluate our performance and to review the issues our customers have. Later this month we will have a short video actually showing you how a typical customer’s questions are documented, answered and logged. Be sure to check out www.lagunatools.com. Additionally, to help you get the most out of our products we produce “How to” videos on specific products which you can find on our website or youtube channel.

Please make sure you are a registered customer on the Laguna Tools website.


Call our Customer Service at: (800) 332 4094 or Email at: customerservice@lagunatools.com

It’s very helpful when one gets ‘stuck’ at a point in the process of completing a job, to find help not only to solve the problem, but understand the underlying cause. Chandler was excellent in all phases of completing that task. I sprang more questions at him even as he was solving other problems. Rather than being a frustrating experience, it becomes more like fun. I appreciate the help. -Jason V

I have been more than happy with the customer service I have received since buying my machine. I fully recommend Laguna to everyone I talk to about CNC machines! -Samuel T

Your customer service is the best. I have never had something like this go so well. I was treated with respect and a solution was handled quickly. One of the best things is that you now know of a problem and are looking for the solution so this does not happen again. GREAT JOB!!! -Jeff B

Having had a lot of experience with overseas and automated tech support, it’s refreshing to get someone one the phone who has an in depth understanding of the equipment, speaks english, and solves the problem! -Ben K

We really appreciate the assistance and look forward to future projects. Thank you very much. The whole staff has always made working with your establishment a great experience. The timely follow ups, the reasonable pricing and availability on product, the knowledge and professionalism of the staff, etc. -Brian E

Called back quickly. Answered questions perfectly. Thanks. -Jerimiah P