Our CNC Master technician Javier

Laguna Customer Service

It’s very helpful when one gets ‘stuck’ at a point in the process of completing a job, to find help not only to solve the problem, but understand the underlying cause. Chandler was excellent in all phases of completing that task. I sprang more questions at him even as he was solving other problems. Rather than being a frustrating experience, it becomes more like fun. I appreciate the help. -Jason V

Your customer service is the best. I have never had something like this go so well. I was treated with respect and a solution was handled quickly. One of the best things is that you now kow of a problem and are looking for the solution so this does not happen again. GREAT JOB!!! -Jeff B

Having had a lot of experience with overseas and automated tech support, it’s refreshing to get someone one the phone who has an in depth understanding of the equipment, speaks english, and solves the problem! -Ben K

I have been more than happy with the customer service I have received since buying my machine. I fully recommend Laguna to everyone I talk to about CNC machines! -Samuel T

We really appreciate the assistance and look forward to future projects. Thank you very much. The whole staff has always made working with your establishment a great experience. The timely follow ups, the reasonable pricing and availability on product, the knowledge and professionalism of the staff, etc. -Brian E

Called back quickly. Answered questions perfectly. Thanks. -Jerimiah P