Introducing the Quill

Crafting flawless ADA braille is a breeze with this state-of-the-art slide-on engraver accessory exclusively at Laguna

Achieve flawless ADA braille in mere seconds with your brand new secret weapon

Simple. Fast. Dummy-Proof.

You can just mount the provided bracket on your engraver or CNC, slide the Quill on and simply use your existing software.

Dial-in Perfect Braille, Every Time

The power of resin dots means if you make a mistake, just wipe off the beads and print again. Cures in seconds with our provided UV flashlight.

Increase Your Profits.
Stop Outsourcing.

You are leaving significant money on the table - with a Quill, you can significantly grow your braille sign job profit margin.

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Clear Resin
White Resin
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