Mini Guides

The Laguna Mini Guides are specifically designed to provide exceptional support and control for small blades. Laguna Mini Guides are the perfect accessory when running blades from 1/16″ – 3/8″ where there is little to no “beam width” on the blade where traditional guides provide support. The Laguna Mini Guides utilize 5 mm phenolic inserts with graphite to completely surround the entire blade, tooth and all at 8 separate locations for precise control of small blades during delicate cuts and tight radius work. As the inserts wear, they can be simply rotated and pushed in. Inserts can be replaced as needed when worn out. Replacement insert sets include 8 standard inserts and one short insert used for cuts when the bandsaw table is tilted to 45 degrees. Laguna Mini Guides are designed to replace the ceramic side channels on Laguna bandsaws from 14″ to 24″.

  • Fits 1/16″ – 3/8″ Blades
  • 5 mm Phenolic Inserts
  • Fit Laguna 14″ – 24″ Bandsaws



Laguna Mini Guides have set the standard for “cool blocks” with a total of 10 contact points rather than just 4 or 6 like regular cool blocks.  Laguna Mini Guides are supplied with rear ceramic thrust bearing for a total of 10 contact points to support the most delicate blades.  Each upper and lower guide set has two contact points above and below the thrust bearing to remove virtually all blade vibration and provides superior cut quality.

(Not recommended for use on Resaw Master or LT28 – LT37″ bandsaws or for blades 1/4″ and larger). 

Mini Guides
(SKU: ABMG001)
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