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I|Flux: 10 Elite

Production Level Cleaning

The iFlux|10 Elite has solved this issue by using an appropriate filter arrangement with 409 square feet of surface area – double that of a typical 10HP collector. To do this, we used a smaller diameter bag, and a lot more of them. This arrangement maximizes the amount of surface area possible which is vital to adequate airflow through the collector. Keeping these filters clean was addressed in the design. The positive pressure chamber pushes the air through the filters as the dust falls in the EZ Lift waste bins. As the dust cakes on, it will fall into the bin. A shaking mechanism has been added to help release the caked dust. The i|Flux Elite series has been tested in the assembly line, and it is ready for all fine dust applications.


  • Motor HP: 10
  • Motor RPM: 1720
  • Air Flow: 5000CFM @ 6″wc
  • Inlet Diameter: 15″
  • Filter Area: 409 ft²
  • Filter Bag: 40 x D168mm x H1800mm
  • Filter Bag Material: Polyester
  • Filter Cleaning: Manual Shaker
  • Waste Bin: EZ Lift Metal Bin 64gal x 3


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Airflow 5000CFM @ 6″wc

The 15” inlet has a net airflow of 5000CFM with a static pressure of 6″wc. A typical CNC Router needs a minimum requirement of 1500CFM, while a typical 37″ widebelt sander would call for a minimum 2000CFM. This makes the iFlux 10 a great fit for a CNC Router based cabinet shop that would be running several tools at once.

Fine Dust Ready

With fine dust, the key is to have a large filter surface area and to keep those filters clean. The smaller tube filter design of the iFlux|10 Elite are designed for the fine dust to cake on and the inner side of the filters and fall down into the bin as the mass grows. The filter surface area of the iFlux |10 Elite is 409 square feet. A typical 5HP dust collector has a surface area of 260 square feet. This increase in filter area translates to a large increase in airflow, making the iFlux an ideal machine for fine dust applications.

Quick Lever Wast Bins

The waste bins are easier to change than the kitchen garbage. Deactivate the air tight seal by pulling up the release bar and roll out the bin. The positive pressure design means there is no need for a bag hold down system like in multi-stage system. The wheels swivel 360 degrees and are mounted on a sturdy base to ensure they work in your shop for many many years.

Additional Features

The i|flux1 10 Elite fine dust collector displays an amperage read out on the control panel. This allows the user to monitor the efficiency of the motor. A high frequency remote is also included standard so that the operator can turn the machine on and off with a 60 meter range.


There are several NFPA standards in place to ensure the proper installation and use of a dust collector. For woodworkers, the standard is NFPA 664: Standard for the Prevention of Fires and Explosions in Wood Processing and Woodworking Facilities. The i|Flux 10 Elite complies directly with this standard. In addition, the i|Flux is fitted with a phase controller and TEFC motor for added electrical safety.

I|Flux 10 Spec Sheet

Power Requirements: 220V/ 60Hz/ 3Ph

Amperage: 24.8 Amps

Floor Space (W x L): 3424mm x 1140mm

Machine Weight: 1069 lbs (485 kgs)

Motor HP: 10

Motor RPM: 1720

Air Flow: 5000 CFM @ 6″wc

Inlet Diameter: 15″

Filter Area: 409 ft²

Filter Bag (L x D x H): 40 x 168 x 1800mm

Filter Bag Material: Polyester

Filter Cleaning: Manual Shaker

Waste Bin: EZ-Lift Metal Bin 64 Gal. x 3

Shipping Weight: 1113 lbs

Shipping Dimensions (L x W x H): 75″ x 39″ x 80″


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