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E|Flux 7 Fume Extractor

Machines like fiber cutters, plasma cutters and CO2 laser markers often produce an undesirable byproduct to the cutting or engraving process. These fume and dust particles exist on a molecular level, as small as 0.4 microns in size, making them one of the most harmful cutting byproducts for all operators and bystanders. These particles are also very harmful to the cutting machine, proven to drastically decrease the machine life span if not properly extracted.

The E|Flux series fume extraction machines offer a robust solution to this problem. Several HEPA certified PTFE filters and a sophisticated Jet Pulse filter cleaning system make the E|Flux a perfect machine for both fume extraction and dust collection from thermal cutting or metal grinding applications.

Like all machines with the Laguna Name, the E|Flux Series has been tested in the assembly line and is ready for all thermal cutting applications.

  • 7.5HP – 3628CFM – 42m² Filter SA
  • Tetrix HEPA Certified Filters & Jet Pulse Cleaning
  • Smart Interface through Delta VFD
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Tetratex HEPA Filters & Pulse Jet Cleaning

The key to successful dust collection is in the quality of the filter and the ability to keep the filters clean. The Eflux series is equipped with Tetratex HEPA Certified filters and a sophisticated pulse jet cleaning system.

Touch Screen Interface

Easily control the pulse jet cleaning system, the blower speed, and safety functions with the intuitive touch screen interface. Made by Delta Electronics, this controller works in unison with the VFD and TEFC AC induction motors to deliver a concise user experience.

Pneumatic Waste Bins

The waste bins are easier to change than the kitchen garbage. Deactivate the air tight seal by pulling up the release bar and roll out the bin. The positive pressure design means there is no need for a bag hold down system like in multi-stage system. The wheels swivel 360 degrees and are mounted on a sturdy base to ensure they work in your shop for many many years.


There are several NFPA standards in place to ensure the proper installation and use of a dust collector. For woodworkers, the standard is NFPA 664: Standard for the Prevention of Fires and Explosions in Metal Processing and Metalworking Facilities. The E|Flux 10 Elite complies directly with this standard.


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