Industrial Bandsaws

HRS-28HD Horizontal Band Resaw

The Laguna Tools Platinum Series Horizontal Bandsaw is a powerful tool designed to get your toughest cuts done quickly and efficiently. Blade speed is set through the computer controller at the front of the machine and includes a digital height adjustment as well. The variable speed electric conveyor gets your stock through the saw and returns it for easy repeat cuts.


  • Computer Controlled Blade With Digital Height Adjustment
  • Variable Speed Electric Conveyor and Return Conveyor
  • 2″ Blade Capacity
  • Pneumatic Over Hydraulic Automatic Blade Tension
  • 30 HP Motor With Variable Speed By Frequency Converter

Starting At


+ $799 Freight

SKU: MBAND284100

Blase Speed Adjustable via VFD for Optimum Performance

Pneumatic Blade Lubrication System

Pneumatically Controlled Hold Down Rollers

Ball Screw Height Control For Maximum Accuracy

Max Workplace Size (W x H): 12″ x 10″ (350mm x 250mm)

Feed Belt Dimensions: 12″ x 216″

Flywheel Diameter: 28″

Blade Length: 180″

Blade Width: 1-1/4″ – 2″

Saw Lifting Motor: 1/4HP Electric

Main Motor: 30HP 220V 3 Phase

Dust Chutes: 2x 4″

Conveyor Speed: 10 – 100ft/min

Hydraulic Pressure: 308 lbs/in²

Weight: 4,200 lbs

Shipping Dimensions (L x W x H): 120″ x 88.5″ x 87″

Headstock Conveyor Is Powered By Seperate Variable Speed Electric Motor

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