Industrial Bandsaws

HRS-28 Horizontal Band Resaw

The HRS-28 Horizontal Band Resaw was designed to be Laguna tough to withstand any jobs thrown at it. We designed this bandsaw to be fully adjustable to accommodate a wider variety of stock so that users can get the most bang for their buck. See the specs below and take the first step toward a truly quality cut.


  • Manual Blade Tension Control.
    • The blade tension is adjusted by turning the tensioning handle.
    • Large handle design facilitates blade tension adjustment.
  • Easy to Elevate Saw Wheels
    • Manual elevation of saw wheels is transmitted through a worm gear mechanism for easy operation.
    • Both elevation screws are linked by a shaft to ensure synchronized elevation of saw wheels

Starting At


+ $999 Freight

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Max. Work Piece Size (W x H): 11.8″ x 9.8″

Distance From Blade To Conveyor Table: 4-125mm

Conveyor Belt Size: 11.2″ x 215.4″

In-Feed Speed: 5-25M/min

Blade Size: 168″ x 1″

Main Motor: 20HP

Controlling Blade Tension: Hydraulic System

Electric Conveyor: 2HP Motor 30 – 1 Gearbox + 2HP Inverter

Manual Return Conveyor

Net Weight: 1982 lbs

Minimum Working Length: 15.7″

Pneumatic Pressure Roller System For Accurate Cutting

Front Pressure Roller With Air Cylinder And Shock Absorber

Tolerance: ±0.1mm

Shipping Dimensions (L x W x H): 120″ x 88.5″ x 87″

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