Introducing The

DXIII DriftMaster

NEW Multi-Mode Resawing Fence

Introducing a one-of-a-kind fence system, the all-new DX3 DriftMaster Fence. The DX3 comes equipped with a robust Linear Motion Guide System, which is maneuvered by a Precision Handwheel, allowing for unparalleled accuracy. In addition, the DX3’s micro adjustment knob makes for easier and quicker fence drift adjustment that requires no tools. Crafted for professionals, this multi-mode fence redefines the resawing experience. Unleash innovation and embrace precision with the DX3 DriftMaster.


Tool-Free Drift Adjustment

Precision Mode Allows for Continuous & Precise Cuts with Linear Motion Guide System

Manual Mode for Traditional Fence Use

Large Fence Support
( 7-1/4" H x 11/16" W x 22-3/4" L)

DX3 Features

Feature Benefit

Tool-Free Drift Adjustment

Makes drift adjustments quicker and easier for the user.

Manual Fence Mode

Used for quickly making standard one-off straight cuts.

Precision Fence Mode With Handwheel

Allows for precise fence positioning with micro adjustment. Allows for precise repeated cuts.

Two-Piece Universal Mounting Bracket

Mounts easier to a wider range of saws (Laguna or other brands)

High/Low Fence

Provides better control of taller workpieces in High position. Allows for better guide positioning and safer hand placement for smaller workpieces in Low position.

Front Facing Handwheel

Ergonomic positioning of the handwheel makes it easier to use. Handwheel provides easier fence positioning for precise, repeated cuts.

Linear Guide (Linear Motion Guide)

Provides smoother and more precise fence movements

Adjustable Measuring Scale

Increased work production since a tape measure is not required to set fence.

Optional Flip Stop (Purchased separately)

Provides accurate and repeatable "stopped" cuts for tenons or other joinery.

Euro-Style Fence

Can be positioned further forward to allow for wood movement beyond the blade.

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