Unveiling the Laguna Tools SmartJet Line of Waterjet Machines

Grand Prairie, TX – Laguna Tools, a name synonymous with innovation and quality, proudly announces the unveiling of the SmartJet machines, marking a momentous milestone as the company celebrates its 40th anniversary. With a legacy of excellence spanning four decades, Laguna Tools continues to push the boundaries of precision cutting technology.

The SmartJet, a product of 40 years of unwavering dedication, will make its grand debut at FABTECH Expo 2024(Booth A5418) in Chicago, IL. This prestigious event serves as a testament to Laguna Tools’ commitment to delivering top-tier solutions to modern manufacturing challenges. Powered by the KMT WATERJET SYSTEMS NEO 50hp pump boasting an impressive 60,000psi, coupled with an industry-leading FlachCut control system and spacious 5’x10’ or 6’x13′ table sizes, this machine redefines what’s possible in precision cutting.

Unmatched in its versatility, the SmartJet machine confidently tackles an array of materials, including glass, stone, wood, metals, composites, and more. Its precision jet stream cuts materials ranging from 0.0005″ in thickness to 12″, with the remarkable ability to create minuscule holes as small as 0.030″ in diameter.

Aerospace and composite fabrication industries will find a game-changing ally in the SmartJet. The machine’s precision and reliability make swift work of cutting carbon fiber-reinforced plastics, steel, aluminum, and other crucial materials for crafting aerospace components and automotive parts. This technology ensures a clean process without tool clogging, wear, melting, or hazardous fumes – an indispensable feature in these demanding industries.

“While we’re excited about the SmartJet’s capabilities, we’re equally enthusiastic about its versatility and accuracy,” notes Matt Haviland, SmartJet Sales Manager at Laguna Tools. “Sign makers, job shops, fabricators, and various other industries requiring precision cutting will benefit immensely from the SmartJet’s unmatched performance.”

Laguna Tools’ reputation for quality craftsmanship, fortified by a partnership with KMT Waterjet for the ultrahigh-pressure pump, ensures a machine that lives up to its versatility, performance, and promise.

As Laguna Tools unveils the SmartJet line of machines, the industry can anticipate a revolution in precision cutting capabilities. With the promise of enhanced quality, efficiency, and versatility, the SmartJet is poised to make a profound impact across a diverse range of industries.

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