Laguna CNC Revolutionizes Accessibility with the Introduction of Quill 3D Braille Attachment


Huntington Beach, CA – Laguna Tools, a leader in CNC technology, proudly announces a groundbreaking advancement with the launch of the Quill 3D Braille Attachment. This innovative addition to our CNC Router line exemplifies our commitment to innovation, specifically for individuals in the visual impairments sign-making industry.

The Quill 3D Braille Attachment represents a transformative leap forward in the world of CNC machinery and sign-making. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, this attachment seamlessly integrates with Laguna CNC’s existing range of products, bringing the power of 3D printing and engraving to the realm of braille. With this cutting-edge technology, users can now create tactile representations of text, graphics, and intricate designs, significantly enhancing the accessibility of various materials for people who are blind or visually impaired.

We firmly believe that technology should be a driving force for positive change in society. The Quill 3D Braille Attachment is your new secret weapon for producing perfect ADA braille in seconds.

Key features of the Quill 3D Braille Attachment include:


Integration: The attachment integrates with Laguna’s existing CNC Router line, ensuring a user-friendly experience for both new and existing customers. No more “drill-and-fill” braille, which means 10 times the speed and ease of production.

Precision and Detail: The Quill is packed with innovative new technologies engineered for instant ADA braille.

Versatility: From educational institutions and businesses to personal projects, the attachment serves a wide range of purposes, enabling users to make their content accessible to everyone.


As a company with 40 years dedicated to innovation, Laguna believes that technological advancements should foster a more inclusive world. With the introduction of the Quill 3D Braille Attachment, Laguna Tools has taken a significant step toward realizing that vision.


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