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Meet DonorSigns/Nicolson Associates, Inc.

For 15 years, DonorSigns has been the premier custom sign making business for donor walls and plaques. When a person donates money to a hospital or school, they are honored with a custom-made plaque. This is where DonorSigns comes in. Because of the complexity and high level of design, DonorSigns has relied heavily on a CNC machine.

When DonorSigns first started making custom signs, they used a homemade 4’x4′ CNC machine. As impressive as it was to have made their own, DonorSigns realized they need to upgrade their capabilities. With using acrylics, aluminum, and wood, the main challenge with those materials was getting consistent cut depth, spindle speed, and feed rate. This is when they turned to Laguna for help with an upgraded CNC

Growing A Business

With more business means more production needs. And since DonorSigns has made a name for themselves as a premier custom sign and plaque making business, they needed tools to match. After intense investigation, they decided on a Swift 4’x8′ CNC Router. With this upgraded machinery, the quality of their finished projects increased dramatically and consistently.

Because a CNC machine is so easy to use, new employees of DonorSigns are able to operate them in less than a day. Because a CNC machine can do so much, DonorSigns was able to not only increase their production rate, but the complexity of custom signs and plaques they create as well. And on top of that, they are able to repeat the same complex cuts over and over.

Stories Behind The Projects

The design and installation is a really intricate process of complex parts that wouldn’t have been possible without a Laguna CNC. The install and design involves”3D Box Frames,” 5 top and 5 bottom frames out of a sheet of 4’x8′ Baltic Birch and assembled all six sides with glue and screws. The face panels and how they connect all of the box frames is the neatest part.

Advice For New Woodworkers/Business Owners?

Their advice is simple but poignant, “Go for it.”

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