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Creekview Woodshop | Local Kentucky Woodworking Shop

Meet Tanya of Creekview Woodshop, located in beautiful Bourbon County. She began her Kentucky woodworking career being interested in woodworking from her Father, who was a woodworking expert. When he passed away in 2016, Tanya was lucky enough to inherit his tools. Because of these new tools, she was able to experiment and explore woodworking in ways she had not before. Through continuing to use his tools, Tanya found that it maintained a connection to her Dad.

With the hunger for learning and exploring woodworking methods, Tanya became interested in woodturning. Even though her Dad nor she owned a lathe, she purchased a small, entry-level lathe, and began teaching herself. Over the months of practicing wood turning with much trial and error, she felt confident enough to upgrade her lathe. Tanya settled on the Laguna REVO 18|36 from her local Kentucky woodworking Woodcraft store. When she wasn’t at her job as an archaeologist, every waking moment she had was spent continuing to perfect her skills on her new REVO.

With her new REVO, Tanya has been able to broaden her work. She’s been able to turn bigger, more complex pieces on all kinds of different materials. Adding the outboard extension has even further increased the complexity of pieces she can work on. Over the years of constantly practicing, Tanya has become to master woodturning bowls, plates, platters, cups, vases, and a variety of random other items. Because she’s a local Kentucky woodworking shop, she uses the native Kentucky wood. And with this native wood, there’s plenty of variety Tanya enjoys combining. Though the imperfections of the unique wood she finds can be challenging, more often than not, it presents an incredibly unique and beautiful outcome. The stability of the 18|36 has allowed her to face more difficult challenges in creating her uniqueness.

To add to Tanya’s unique local Kentucky woodworking approach, she tries to have meaning to each of her pieces she creates. With her archaeological background, Tanya tries to prioritize wood with more imperfect structured shapes, sometimes pulling inspiration from the historic ceramic tableware she encounters as an archaeologist, as well as some abstract ideas of the mid-twentieth century, such as the flying saucer. In addition to trying to find meaningful and unique pieces of wood, after she completes a piece, she gives them a name. More about why she puts names to each piece can be found here.

The Future Of Creekview Woodshop

For now, Tanya is enjoying the “experiments” she creates with her REVO 18|36. With this exploratory mindset comes new avenues and ways to use her lathe, which could lead to further expanding Creekview Woodshop. For now, she’s enjoying learning all she can about woodworking, specifically woodturning. Though the REVO is integral to the success of her local Kentucky woodworking shop, at some point she sees it expanding. And when she expands further, Tanya will be looking to Laguna for another lathe.

Advice For New Woodworkers

Tanya says, “I would recommend that they just have fun with it and that the only limits are their imaginations (and safety – the lathe is a powerful machine and not a toy in a literal sense). Don’t let anyone limit you and say that your turned vessels have to fit in some certain mold. Make what you like and try out new things!

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