SmartShop® Series

SmartShop® 3

Cabinets - Signage - Production - Furniture

Developed with the highest-quality components from Industry leaders Fanuc and HSD, the Smartshop® 3 was developed for those customers demanding the highest possible throughput and productivity. The heavy-duty fixed table design saves valuable floor space while allowing for a high rate of material removal and sheet processing under continuous duty conditions. With the optional 16HP 4 bearing spindle, the Smartshop® 3 can machine ferrous metals making it the most versatile CNC in the industry.

  • FANUC Oi-MF Controls Systems
  • 1,500 watt FANUC Servo package
  • 12HP HSD Spindle
  • HSK-63F Tool Holders
  • 12 Position Rotary Auto-Tool Changing System
  • 4′ x 4′, 4′ x 8′, 5′ × 10′, 5′ x 12′, Custom Sizes
  • 12″ Gantry Clearance
  • 12″ Z-Travel
  • Cut Speeds Up To 1,600 in/min
  • Rapid Travel Up To 2,500 in/min
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Explore The SmartShop® 3

SmartShop® 3
Fanuc Controls & Servos

A world leader in control systems, Fanuc partnered with LAGUNA to develop a CNC router that surpasses any in its price range. The precision of Fanuc servo motors and the reliability of Fanuc controls means you’ll get the same cut, again and again, without losing time.

Dynamic Rotary Tool Changing System

Because it moves with the gantry, the 8 position dynamic rotary tool changing system speeds up production exponentially. A dynamic rotary tool changing system allows the CNC to change bits even faster than a traditional rear-mounted tool changing system.

Frame & Gantry

With dual support, direct drive, and helical rack and pinion gantry system, the SmartShop® 3 is able to achieve a rapid travel of up to 2,500in/min and a cutting speed up to 1,600 in/min. Having a 12″ gantry clearance and 12″ of Z-travel, you’ll have enough room to cut just about anything.

SmartShop® 3
Applicable Materials

Any Type Of Wood


High-Density Foam




Non-Ferrous Metals*

*Cooling System Needed


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