SmartCut+ Plasma

Metal Cutting

The SmartCut Plus is built with a welded all-steel frame. FlashCut CNC controls come standard on all SmartCut machines. Decades of experience, superior features, and thousands of satisfied customers make FlashCut’s fully integrated CAD/CAM/CNC plasma control system among the best in the world.

Laguna Tools partners with Hypertherm to offer premium plasma cutters that pair perfectly with your table.

  • Material database and cut charts built-in
  • Laser with built-in skew
  • Magnetic Breakaway torch with active feedhold
  • Full CAD/CAM on machine control
  • DXF file import and export
  • Realtime Height Control
  • Plasma Marking
  • True Shape Nesting. Advanced Leadin/Leadout Editing
  • Flashcut American Made Controls
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American Made Controls

American Made
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Laguna SmartCut+ Plasma CNC
  • Water Table
  • X, Y helical rack and pinion, Z ball screw
  • Drive system Nema 32 (with Servo option)
  • 24-inch Control screen
  • GH20 Hiwin Bearing cards
  • Welded Steel Frame (no Aluminum extrusion or low-cost bolt together tables)
  • Laser Precision Pointer
  • 7 Guage Mild Steel Slats
  • Z Clearance 8 inches
  • Lifetime Phone Support
  • 1-year Warranty
  • Automatic Leadin on Restart
  • THC (Torch Height Control)
  • Move to Point in Viewport
  • Progress Meter
  • Workpiece Alignment
  • Smart Touch Off



  • Laser Pointer
  • Marker Support
  • Cutting Simulation
  • DXF Export
  • Part Shading


  • Advanced LeadIn/Leadout Editing
  • Advanced Small Hole Processing
  • Corner Looping
  • Importing Parts from External Files
  • True Shape Nesting
  • Multiple Tabs
  • Advanced Drilling and Piercing
  • Workplace Free Cutting
  • Nest Filler Part
  • Bridge Entities Tool
  • Color Image Import
  • Fix Drawing Tool
  • Shape Tool
  • Weld Entities Tool
  • Arc Fitting


  • Automatic Leadin on Restart
  • THC (Torch Height Control)
  • Move to point in Viewport
  • Progress Meter
  • Rip Cutting
  • Workpiece Alignment
  • Smart Touch Off
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