F3 Fusion Tablesaw 52″

The new Laguna Fusion Table Saws are unlike any saw on the market. Having the same quality demands earned through the original fusion table saw, the new fusion line will not only impress but exceed the expectations you have come to expect from Laguna. With a completely redesigned trunnion and arbor controls that focuses on buttery smooth controls and longevity of the saw, we are sure this is the saw that will give you the perfect rip cut for many many years.



  • 52″ Rip Capacity
  • 3HP TEFC Motor
  • 220V, Single-Phase, 60Hz Power Requirement
  • Fusion Dust Collection System
  • Industrial Cabinet, Fence & Trunnions
  • Included Tools, Tables & Integrated Tool Storage
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“When it comes to high-end hybrid saws, the Fusion model is among the best. It includes a ton of useful and helpful features combined with high precision and a lot of sheer power.”

- Timothy Henderson

F3 52″ Features

  • 52″ Rip Capacity
  • Industrial 14 Gauge Cabinet
  • Accessory Tables (Outfeed & Rip)
  • Industrial Fence Rail
  • Industrial Fusion Fence
  • Premium Electrical & Hardware Components
  • Premium Miter Gauge
  • Cast Iron Fusion Trunnions
  • Cabinet Mounted Arbor
  • Cast Iron Table & Wings
  • European Hi-Lo Fence
  • Premium Zero Clearance Throat Plate
  • Fusion Hi-Lo Dust Collection
  • Maginetic Contractor Switch
  • Quick-Release Blade Guard & Spreader
  • Riving Knife Included
  • Push Stick Included
  • Miter Gauge Included
  • Blade Changing Tool Included
  • 10 x 60T Carbide-Tipped Blade Included
  • Premium Arbor & Motor Bearing

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Additional Specs

Dust Port Size: 4″

Blade Guard Dust Port Size: 1-½″

Table Saw Type: Cabinet

Maximum Blade Diameter: 10″

Arbor Size: ⅝″

Arbor Speed: 4500 RPM

Maximum Width Of Dado: ¾″

Blade Tilt Direction: Left

Max Blade Tilt: 45°

Maximum Depth Of Cut At 90°: 3-⅛″

Maximum Depth Of Cut At 45°: 2-⅛″

Max Rip Right Of Blade With Included Fence & Rails: 37″ *

* The hybrid fence on the Laguna Fusion offers the best of European and American fence features. This fence is NOT designed to be used on the LEFT side of the blade! Rail or tube on LEFT side is provided only to make the ON/OFF switch position adjustable.

Blade Information

Included Blade Information: 10″ x 60T

Riving Knife/Spreader Thickness: 3/32″

Required Blade Body Thickness: > ⅛″

Required Blade Kerf Thickness: < 5/64″


Table Information

Floor To Table Height: 35″

Table Size With Extension Wing Width: 77″

Table Size With Extension Wings Depth: 27″

Distance – Front Of Table To Center Of Blade: 13-7/16″

Distance – Front Of Table To Blade At Maximum Cut: 8-⅝″

Main Table Size Thickness: 1-½″


Fence Information

Fence Type: Camlock T-Shape With Aluminum European Hi-Lo Face

Fence Size Length: 33-7/16″

Fence Size Width: 16″

Fence Size Height: 3″

Fence Rail Type: Aluminum Extrusion/Angle Steel

Fence Rail Length: 67-⅞″

Fence Rail Width: 3″

Fence Rail Height: 2

Product Dimensions

Weight (Net): 405 lbs

Overall Width (Side-To-Side): 85″

Overall Depth (Front-To-Back): 56″

Overall Height: 43″

Footprint Width: 48″

Footprint Length: 42-½″

Space Required For Full Range Of Movement Width (Side-To-Side): 85″

Space Required For Full Range Of Movement Depth (Front-To-Back): 56


Construction Information

Table: Precision-Ground Cast Iron

Wings: Precision-Ground Cast Iron

Cabinet: 14 Gauge Steel

Trunnions: Cast Iron

Body Assembly: 14 Gauge Steel

Fence Assembly: Steel Body

Rails: Industrial Steel

Miter Gauge Construction: Cast Iron With Steel Bar, Aluminum Fence

Guard: Steel And Clear Plastic

Body/Cabinet Paint Type/Finish: Powder Coated

Arbor Bearings: Sealed & Permanently Lubricated

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F3 Fusion Tablesaw



Outfeed Table

Coming standard with the Fusion F3, the outfeed table features dual miter slots and 2 supporting legs

Cabinet Mounted Trunion

Adjusting the table to line up the miter guage has never been easier


Industrial Grade Cabinet

The Fusion 3 features a heavy-duty cabinet for added rigidity and strength

Industrial Fence & Rails

The fence glides effortlessly on the industrial strength steel fence rails