Love Letters

IQ CNC My Name is Bob and I am a disabled veteran on a fixed income. I use my woodshop to make arts and crafts that I sell at the local farmers market to supplement my income. Some of the birdhouses I make have very intricate parts and I knew a CNC machine would make it easier to make them and do it faster. I’m still not sure I know how to spell CNC, but I’m learning. Late last Fall I finally was able to upgrade my woodshop with the purchase of a Laguna IQ HHC. Adrian Martinez worked diligently to get me a price I could afford. He literally made it happen. Since then I have encountered several engineering challenges (creating the proper toolpaths). Adrian and Luke Burnham in customer service were instrumental in helping me overcome the problems. Customer service at Laguna Tools before and after the sale is second to none. As a veteran, I salute the efforts of both Adrian and Luke. I might have the opportunity to make bee hives for some local beekeepers if I do I will be looking for an IQ Pro with a tool changer and I know that Laguna Tools will help make that happen. Bob

CNC ROUTER I have been using a CNC router for the past 7 years. I just upgraded to my Laguna SmartShop II ATC a couple months ago. When I bought my first CNC Router, I really didn’t know what I was going to use it for. I had just sold out of a business that I began 25 years ago. I wanted to expand my shop and offer customers a service that no one in my area could offer. I started out making custom wooden signs for lake homes, farms, and businesses. I still do some of that, but the shop has evolved into more of a manufacturing facility. I currently make all of the machined plastic parts for ActionTrack Chair (an all-terrain wheelchair company). I also cut shipping boards for an electronic component company and machine parts for a big commercial packaging company. The Laguna changed the way that my shop “flows”. I LOVE the automatic tool changer! It is so efficient to use multiple tools for each purpose rather than using one tool to try to do things that it was not meant to. It was just too slow and inefficient to change multiple tools during one job. Once I started using more sheet materials, Vacuum Hold down became very important. My efficiency of each job was increased and the quality of the parts improved. The Smart Shop II is the center of my shop. I couldn’t be happier with the performance, customer service, and quality. M Lee

BANDSAW Well, I put it through its paces late yesterday and earlier today. I am really impressed! As you know I purchased it primarily as a second small saw for curve cutting and bandsaw dovetails (I admit it, if I have more than 2 drawers to do I don’t cut the dovetails by hand). I have been using my LT 16 HD for resawing only. I decided to mount the Resaw King on the 14-12 and try a few 8 inch veneer slices of birds-eye maple. They were just as accurate as the big saw with the 1 inch blade! The machine did not bog down, although I went a little slower than on the LT. I did a couple of dovetails with a 1/4 inch blade. Worked fine but I’m waiting for a 3/16 blade from Daily Saw Service. According to Brian at Laguna, I can use the Laguna cool block guide adaptor on this saw. Now I need to stop playing and get back to the wall cabinet that I was building that Gabriel saw when he delivered the machine and finish the segmented salad bowl that my daughter has been bugging me about. Thanks for the good service. Bob ‘Thanks again for help today. I’ve never had customer service that compares to Laguna Tools. Your company goes above and beyond the call of duty!!! Tony

BANDSAW I spent months deciding on which bandsaw to purchase. There are so many in the market. I wanted something that could do some substantial resawing yet be portable enough to move around in my garage/shop as well as having a compact footprint. When I saw a special on the lt14suv including a resaw king blade I jumped and picked one up at a fairly local woodworking shop. I had also picked up several other blades to ensure I could do the various tasks planned. Life got busy and I was unable to do all the projects I desired but was able to use the saw occasionally. While using the resaw king blade as described in all the online review and instructional videos, the blade failed snapping in two places. While the blade was out of warranty Laguna’s customer service went above and beyond. I spoke with individuals at each step of the exchange process and they were very open and clear in our discussions. I shipped my blade in for testing and review and they quickly determined that they would replace it and shipped a new one out. I loved that I worked with a person to the extent that I was even provided with direct contact information. I will again purchase from Laguna. The equipment is well made, feature superior, and priced to still be attainable in a market where cheaply made tools are becoming the standard. Thank you Laguna for awesome service and products. Morgan I also wanted to send you a note about how great it was to work with you. I love that I corresponded directly with a decision maker and that Laguna sees the personal touch of customer service as a key to their success. While I was nervous about the extra cost over similar shop fox and grizzly saws, I am glad I made the upgrade to Laguna. BJ H.

Brian, I tried the Laguna Resaw King on my Delta 14″ today and cut that god-awful hard rock maple. All the other blades I have used burned the wood and struggled, not your blade; I may as well have been cutting pine. Four inches thick and the cut was smooth for a band saw. Thanks for the tips on set-up and thanks for a quality product. Pat W. Bear Island Woodworking, Ely, Minn.

BANDSAW Just wanted to say thanks for making a great Band Saw. After first watching the video’s on your website I was more than a little skeptical, but after getting my 3000 Series 18″ saw up and running I was more than happy. The saw work’s great, and with the 1″ Resaw King blade I have been able to make cuts that just do not seem possible. Resawing is a snap, and the Master Drift Fence was easy to dial in for a perfect cut. Also everyone I have talked to at Laguna Tools has wanted to give me all of the help, and time needed to make this a good experience. A special thanks to John Carrasco for his help, and knowledge. He is great at customer service. Thanks again, Joel P P.S. Can’t wait to buy my next Laguna Tool.

BANDSAW | LATHE | DRILL PRESS | DUST COLLECTOR Dear Mr. Helshoj: I am writing this letter to commend the outstanding customer service of one of your employees, John Carrasco. I purchased a Laguna Tools 2-HP dust collector in late 2010, along with a number of other pieces of major equipment (bandsaw, lathe, and drill press) for my home woodshop. Despite only episodic use over the next year and a half, the dust collector motor failed after approximately 18 months of ownership. I was disappointed when my initial calls to Laguna Tools yielded a response that I would have to seek an outside machine repair service to come fix whatever problem was plaguing the motor. Although technically outside of the warranty period, it seemed to me that a piece of equipment of that quality and expense should not fail the limited use of a weekend-only home hobbyist. The outside machine repair mechanic determined that one of the capacitors had failed (exploded, actually), and replaced that at a cost of approximately $360. Unfortunately, the motor soon began intermittently failing again. After limping along with the inconsistently functional dust collector, it would finally not start at all. At that point, I contacted Customer Service at Laguna Tools, and had the good fortune of encountering Mr. John Carrasco. Upon hearing my story, his immediate response was, “That’s not acceptable! I’m going to speak to my manager to see how we can make this right.” Mr. Carrasco proceeded to do precisely that, and a couple of weeks later came out to my home with a new replacement motor. He took the time to install it, and a test of the unit that point demonstrated that the same problem persisted (indicating that the motor was not a problem, but rather the electronic control box). Mr. Carrasco arranged to return at a later time, and came back to my home on a Saturday to install the new control box, and replace the original (functioning) motor. This time, the unit worked like a charm. Mr. Carrasco indicated there would be no charge for the service call, nor for the replacement part. Your company is fortunate to have a customer service representative with the singular customer focus that Mr. Carrasco has. As a business owner myself, I readily recognize the value of an employee who understands the importance of customer satisfaction, and I am deeply grateful to Mr. Carrasco for not being willing to pass me off to another outside repair person, but rather for standing up for the quality of your products. I am truly grateful to him, and his actions have resulted in you having retained a loyal customer. Sincerely yours, -James L.

“…I want to be sure my thanks are conveyed. It’s refreshing to deal with a company who stands by their customers. You guys have definitely won my loyalty.” -Richard M.

“….got the new switch a week ago and it works fine..Got the riving knife assembly yesterday and it is aligned perfectly. Really like the saw as I’m getting used to it..Thanks very much for the prompt and effective help” – Jim S.

“I have received your e-mail with the sales info. Thank you so much for the help you and your company have provided to us here at Colonial National Historic Park in Yorktown Va. The customer service provided to us ,without exception has been the best. Thank you again for your help.” – Charles Bruce D.

“Hi Brian. Long time no email. 🙂 The saw’s running great thanks to you! I can’t thank you enough for your continuous help!! Seriously! It’s all about the service! BY CONTRAST to say “Peachtree Woodworking”, I JUST NOW received an email from them regarding an order error resulting from the website “shopping cart” showing the wrong product description. They acknowledged and fixed the problem on their web site, but when I asked them to pay for the return shipping for the item as a result of their error they said QUOTE: >>we do not issue any pick up tags or call tags no matter what the issue is” They want me to pay the return shipping even though though they acknowledged and fixed their error. It’s even wrong on the paper invoice. Truly amazing! IN ANY CASE: I ended up not using a few of the parts, I’ll ship those back tomorrow. The only remaining issue is that the 4 screws intended to hold the ceramic blocks in place are the wrong size and thread, and one of the two thumbscrews for the thrust bearing is brass, the other is steel. If another brass screw is available, that would be preferable because the steel screw is hard enough to deform the thrust bearing’s outer material, making it prone to jam in the hole in the aluminum guide plate. Thanks Brian!! p.s. If you come through Chicago, I’ll buy you a beer at the Brauhof. p.p.s. I’ll write about this whole thing at sawmill creek, & send you the link. Maybe I should join lumberjocks just to cross-post. :-)” – Karl

“Just an update. All the items have arrived and in good shape. As we have been out of town we have not put it together and set it up yet but hope that early next week we will get that done. My husband and son are very excited. I want to thank you for your help and knowledge in all aspects of this purchase. It was easy and fun to do business with you and Laguna Tools. My husband already posted his pic on your web site. Thanks for such a great experience and I look forward to all the wonderful items that this tool will help construct by my guys. Your happy customer and new friend.” – Rochelle B., Amarillo, Texas

” Just wanted to take a quick minute to thank you again for everything you have done. You really have made a bad situation a really good one in the end. Alex couldn’t be happier with the way you came through and it’s hard to make him happy!! They have already called to arrange delivery for tomorrow which is absolutely perfect timing! I have made sure to tell several people already of the great customer service you and your company have provided and it’s been a pleasure talking to you for sure. Thanks again for everything and I know I will probably touch base with you tomorrow since you have been great with the follow through as well, but I hope you and your family have a wonderful xmas!! Thanks again!” – Heather A., Walnut Creek, Ca.

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and the entire Laguna team for all of the great service you have provided over the past months. Chris has done an outstanding job of delighting the customer with his sales and after sales support. Router Bob was instrumental in getting me up and running with tutorials and advice. Your tech support staff particularly Javier has time and time again resolved issues in a prompt and professional manner without delay. And thanks so much for the IQ switch-out. It certainly demonstrates Laguna’s commitment to quality and excellence. In closing, thanks for the great personal profile you folks put together on me, it has indeed generated interest in my guitar making endeavor! Please do let me know if there is anything I can do to support your efforts in promoting Laguna Tools.” Warmest Regards, – Chuck Marfione | Marfione Guitars

“I start out with a WELL? The reason for this paused response is that my new 4 axis CNC came to me damaged. I don’t know when the damage occurred, but the guy who unloaded the CNC from the semi –truck to my home shop, did a tremendous job. It is not easy to unload a 2000 lb. crate off the back of the semi by yourself. Nevertheless, on opening the crate the Z axis bearing rod had completely fallen out of the Z axis housing. I was not happy, 18,000 dollars and a nonfunctional machine. I took pictures and immediately emailed the pics to Chris Kell, my sales contact. Two days later, after our discussion, Chris suggested Laguna sending a tech from California to Houston Texas to fix the damage. Chris suggested we do this in a week’s time, but Christmas was just a week away and I had family flying into Houston and didn’t want to mess with the problem in this quick time frame. Previous commitments at Laguna delayed the repair to the middle of January. I understood and Javier Bonilla arrived, fixed and taught me how to use the machine. I had previously bought Rhino CAD and CAM software and again in retrospect, the time, approximately 4 weeks, allowed me sufficient time to draw up some bowls, signs, and puzzles to test all 4 axis of my new machine. Javier did an excellent job teaching me the BR interface menu and tool touch-off procedures needed to perform consistent machining. This was all well and good but I didn’t know much at all about the CAM requirements for machining. Again, Laguna comes through with more help. If you have visited the Laguna website and are considering the purchase of a CNC, you’ve probably seen their videos with Router Bob. True to form to his video persona , Router Bob is both very knowledgeable and willing to teach you. Bob took my CAD drawings and set up the CAM requirements for me. Think about this for a little bit, how many companies would send a technician 1200 miles to do the repair and have the computer/tech support to do this. I had read some web posts that complained about Laguna’s poor customer support, but I’d say they hit a Home Run with me. I for one, have really enjoyed the promptness, professionalism of Chris, Javier and Bob. I plan on expanding my shop in the future and I will not hesitate to buy from Laguna in the future. Customer Service par excellent! Laguna’s Great Customer’s Support!” -Tim Sampson

“I wanted to let you know that the IQ CNC router is fantastic, it’s everything I hoped it would be and more, I’m already cranking out jobs with it thanks in great part to the ease of use of the controller, and the fact that it ships complete and ready to cut. It truly is a predictable, reliable, and accurate CNC machine. Thanks for your time and again thanks for your help in choosing the right CNC for me. ” – Bryan Holmes

“I want to let you know that my table saw arrived safely and has now been assembled, just waiting for the electrician to install the 220. I want to thank you for all your help in ordering and getting this saw. It is everything and more that I expected and your service was great. ” – Howard Sandin, Ironwood, Michigan

“Just a note to thank you and say I received the bandsaw table last week and that the standard miter bars fit perfectly in the slots. I really appreciate the fine customer service of Laguna Tools and your understanding of my particular situation. Again thank you and I will keep Laguna Tools in mind should I have the resources to purchase another woodworking machine.” – Steve Leftwich

“I cut a 14x15x16″ maple burl block w/ my new saw! Fantastic results she didn’t bog down or wander through this huge piece of maple. Side note that’s the 3/8″ x 4th blade in use…” – Michael M. | Proud owner of LT 14 SUV Bandsaw

“Our new Laguna band saw is up and running! The school put in a new 220v electric service, and I set up and tuned the saw. It works great, and the kids love it. Again, thank you for your generous and wonderful donation to the McKinleyville Middle School Woodworking Program. Without companies and people like you, programs like this could not exist.” – Rand Hall, McKinleyville Middle School Woodworking Program

“I love the cnc router. It was very simple to set up at use. I have been a sign making fool…. Thanks again for your help. My next one will be the 4×8 model….. ” – Karl Werner, rb Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers |

“How did you decide on your current machinery setup? Why did you choose the machine you currently have? Even though Price was important it was not the deciding factor. I chose the Laguna 48 X 96 Swift because: 1. The support team that stands behind it. 2. I wanted the heaviest entry level machine I could find, I know that some shops may think this machine small, but it’s built like a BRIDGE, one piece solid steel welded frame, and I can retrofit it with a vacuum table when I’m ready. I use Cabinet Vision to Design all my cabinet jobs, so you can see where that’s going, and last but most important to me is the Training that Laguna provided. Bob Alsup, (Router Bob) as Laguna calls him, stuck with me through all my ignorance, and helped me be successful in designing and executing my first CNC project). I know they all say they provide training, and they probably do provide some of the best. But while visiting the IWF year after year I came to believe that Bob was VERY knowledgeable about the Machines & Software he recommends & he never looked down his nose at me because of any of my stupid questions. His face was there every year. The others seemed to change every year. I am VERY satisfied with the choice I made & now that the project is done, looking back, I would not change my choice for anything. My thanks to ALL the Laguna staff & especially you, Torbin & Catharine for leading the industry down a more economical path so smaller shops like Wonders of Wood could afford the technology of the bigger guys and keep up with the needs of our customers.” – Dean Lutes, Wonders of Wood

“I am writing to thank you for all your help in straightening out my issues with the Laguna Tools dust collection system that I ordered through M&M Tool in Salt Lake City. When you make an investment in a new tool for the shop, especially a big one, you are eager to get it out of the box and put it to work. So, receiving a damaged machine is a bit of a set-back and a disappointment. However you and your company stood tall and made everything right. In spite of the best intentions and planning, unexpected things occur. “The road to hell is paved with good intentions” but the true test of a man or an organization is what they do when mistakes are made. Laguna Tools and you both came through with colors flying. Thank-you. Thanks also for the Resaw King blade – it is a fine tool and I truly appreciate the gesture.” – Alex Cimos

“Thanks again for being the best in customer service; a very good match for the high quality tools you sell.” – Russell M Purdum

“The Laguna Tools I.Q. CNC woodworking machine is really cutting edge, and I’ve been very gratified how quickly my students have learned how to use it. And most importantly, I’m able to provide my guys with a tremendous new skill that will make them even more employable upon their release. They are so motivated to have a chance to make something of themselves once they leave prison, that they really give it their all in their vocational experience,” he added. – Al Tuton, SC Department of Corrections

“No question, the CNC SmartShop from Laguna Tools has instantly made us leaner and greener,” said Hayden Hiatt, Vice President of Development. “Our company’s reputation depends on delivering designer pieces of furniture to top retail operations that are as ‘green’ as they are solidly built, and the CNC SmartShop is playing a huge role in that effort.””It used to take us an hour or longer to cut a single frame for one of our products. With the CNC SmartShop, we can do the job – including curves and the most intricate angles – in about 20 minutes. That increased level of productivity positively impacts labor costs and will keep us very competitive.” “Laguna Tools gives us a great deal of confidence that we’ll always meet our production objectives,” he said. “When I have a question, I get an immediate response either from Steve Alvarez, their CNC Sales Manager, or ‘Router’ Bob Alsup, a software engineer at Laguna Tools, who is really a great go-to guy for technical support. This is the type of ‘value-added’ I doubt we would have received from another company, and another reason why I’m more than happy to recommend Laguna Tools to my colleagues.” – Hayden Hiatt of Huntington Industries

“As a craftsman, I immediately appreciated its solid one-piece, tubular welded frame construction and attention to detail,” “That’s huge for us, and keeps our growth goals firmly on track, while meeting the demand of people (of all ages) who appreciate craftsmanship, performance, and tons of fun with an emphasis on safety.” Mike Mahoney, founder of Honey Skateboards. – Honey Skateboards (Customer-Mike Mahoney)

“We couldn’t be happier with our 4×8 SmartShop from Laguna Tools,” said Alex, who earned his Masters in Architecture from Georgia Tech. “It offers tremendous versatility, and the learning curve for this equipment is almost immediate. It’s definitely meeting or exceeding our expectations every day.” “The SmartShop is really a great tool,” he added. “We can process digital models to be machined by the CNC quite quickly and easily with the CAM software. We have had fantastic results with the machine and the parts we are producing.” – Morphosis Architects

“I purchase my CNCseries D about 2 years ago I have enjoyed the machine so much there is so much you can do with this machine. Let me say that the support is unbelievable. I have had my machine for two and half years I still can call and get support. all the folks at LAGUNA have been there for me especially ROUTER BOB. GREAT MACHINE AND SUPPORT!!!!!” – John Morrow, Harmony Wood Products

“We love our Laguna CNC Swift, I have to say it has been our best purchase, Laguna Tools has top quality products, great customer service & the best people!” – Jake Willoughby, C.R. Alsip LLC


Brad and the Laguna Team,

I would like to send a note of thanks for the quality service that has been received from Laguna Tools.  When offered the opportunity to enter into wood working I was apprehensive to say the least.  I have spent 30 years working in metal manufacturing.  As a producer of high quality machine components, gages and other precision type instruments I never thought I would be in the wood working business.  Having no fore knowledge of even the simplest procedures we here at Anlyn Mfg. decided to jump in.  First we felt it would be best to ease into this with a small 4 x 8 table and see how things develop.  Our first purchase was a WR48 manufactured by a Taiwanese company for Bailiegh machines out of Wisconsin.  This machine performed well but had minor issues that just didn’t sit well in what needed to be a production atmosphere so, the hunt was on for something that would perform.  Eventually we stumbled across Laguna Tools on line and made contact with Brad Westcott.  Brad proved to be very informative on different machines for various production needs and the decision was made to purchase another 4 x 8 machine this time being a Laguna Smart Shop 1.  Right out of the box this machine performed well but as always there are needs that individual manufacturers require to satisfy their customers demands.  Laguna was immediate with getting involved to make their machine function in the ways that we needed it to.  Through conversations about what was required on our end MR. John Wake was able to help me set various parameters and basically tweak this machine to my custom requirements.  From that day, over a year ago, that machine has been a staple on our floor and has turned a profit every day that it is in use.  This led to the purchase of another identical machine, a second Smart Shop 1 which is on our floor and also running quality parts and turning a profit.  I have larger more expensive pieces of equipment now and they are profitable as well but, if the only machines that I had ever bought were nothing other than the mildly priced 4 x 8 Smart Shops I would be just a profitable and just as able to meet my customers  demands.  Basically, if you are running on a tight budget and need to make parts you can feel confident in buying from Laguna.  They are there when you need them and lend their support consistently until you are able to reach your goals and it doesn’t end there.  I still receive calls and emails from Brad checking to make sure all is well with manufacturing and that their machines are still performing.  This kind of relationship is what keeps a manufacturer like myself coming back and at this point I consider Brad to be not only my go to sales rep when needing another machine but my friend too.  As our growth continues in this venture my purchases of larger and more powerful fully automated machines manufactured by Laguna will continue to fill my floor.

Thank you,

David Marsack

Anlyn Mfg.

Chesterfield Michigan