Based on the robust and reliable platform of the SS2, the SmartShop® 2 SUV offers a host of new features and enhanced performance. Developed in cooperation with B&R Automation, the SS2 SUV uses the latest servo and controls technology available today, including powerful control and program features usually only found on higher-priced systems.

4' x 8' Table
Regular Price: $57,495

$8,995 Savings

5' x 10' Table
Regular Price: $61,495

$9,495 Savings


The SmartShop® 2 is the perfect machine. Whether you are performing nested based routing on sheet goods, custom one-off machining, 3D carving or anything in between. The B&R control system , 12 HP HSD spindle and heavy one piece welded steel frame is the perfect match for any type of manufacturing.

4' x 8' Table Package
Package Regular Price: $55,945

$10,945 Savings

5' x 10' Table Package
Package Regular Price: $61,645

$11,645 Savings

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