Wine Box & Sign

In this video, we show the process of using our SmartShop® EX CO2 laser to cut beautifully designed wine cases and home décor signage. We chose a variation of material for the boxes, first cutting a white acrylic and then turning to high density fiberboard (HDF) to give it the rustic wooden look. Regardless of texture, the laser accurately sculpts fine lines with ease making these perfect as wine bottle displays or gift boxes. The acrylic sign making serves as an aesthetic piece of decoration, which can also double as wall art. The CNC laser was able to cut it with excellent quality and precision in just a matter of minutes!

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Materials & Links

  • 3mm Thick Acrylic
  • 1/4in Thick Acrylic
  • 1/4in HDF (High Density Fiber Board)
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