CNC Projects

From DIY projects to mass production for your business, a CNC can open the door to many possibilities! Here are a few projects that you can download and use to explore the capabilities of your CNC router.

Laguna CNC DIY Projects

Easter Basket Project

Have your child be the envy of the egg hunt with this egg-cellent custom made Easter Basket

Desk Sneeze Guards

Helping to protect workers from the spread of COVID-19, these Desk Sneeze guards are the perfect addition to any office. 


Dice Box Project

For this project our team decided on milling something simple and aesthetically pleasing. The result of this recipe ended up being a magnetic wood box to hold dice, keys, jewelry, or whatever else someone may want to store in a box

Shelf Project

If you have a CNC Router then all you need to bring furniture or designs to life are the files to cut them. Recently our CNC Technical Designer found himself in need of a nice shelving unit for his office to store some clutter, so we decided that could make for a good easy Laguna project


Speaker Project

Everybody loves a good set of speakers. But for some people sound quality isn’t the only factor in determining the quality of speakers, the aesthetic appeal can matter just as much. Keeping that in mind, we decided to create a pair of beautiful walnut speakers cut on the SmartShop® II CNC Router

Dice Tower Project

Want to add some fair flair to your next game night? Time to make yourself a dice tower! Dice towers are a great addition to any game night for use with simple games like Yahtzee or Monopoly to more in depth tabletop games like Dungeons & Dragons


CNC Guitar Project

Whether you are a professional guitar shop or simply looking into what can be done with a desktop CNC, you’ll want to check out this strat-style guitar project created by Max Miller for the Laguna IQ desktop router. “Guitar makers are often looking at small desktop CNCs,” explains Miller. “When compared with others, the IQ is a beast.”

CNC Arcade Cabinet Project

Countless adults reminisce about their favorite “old-school” video games and let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to replay Metal Slug or Space Invaders with a classic arcade cabinet? We decided that would be a fun way to start our Laguna Projects, so let us go back to the 70’s with a modern take on classic arcade games