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Routers & Lasers

Designed for simplicity and ease of use, the Smartshop® M focuses on cost-effectiveness, performance, and value.

4' x 8' Table
Package Retail Price: $48,253
$6,258 Savings
5' x 10' Table
Package Retail Price: $51,453
$7,958 Savings

The SmartShop® 2 is the perfect machine. Whether you are performing nested based routing on sheet goods, Custom one-off machining, 3D carving or anything in between. The B&R control system , 12 HP HSD spindle and heavy one piece welded steel frame is the perfect match for any type of manufacturing.

Only 2 Left
4' x 8' Table
Package Retail Price: $58,540
$7,545 Savings

Based on the robust and reliable platform of the SS2, the SmartShop® 2 SUV offers a host of new features and enhanced performance.

Only 5 Left
4' x 8' Table
w/ B&R Controls
Package Retail Price: $62,040
$7,545 Savings
5' x 10' Table
w/ B&R Controls
Package Retail Price: $70,740
$9,245 Savings
4' x 8' Table
w/ Syntec Controls
Package Retail Price: $66,040
$7,545 Savings
5' x 10' Table
w/ Syntec Controls
Package Retail Price: $72,240
$9,245 Savings

The Laguna SmartShop® Laser EX is a powerful CO2 laser cutter and engraver that comes packed with user-friendly features to make operation a breeze. The EX comes with a specialized linear guide rail system for increased accuracy and longevity, an automatic focusing head and more. With a 150W laser tube packed inside, this machine has no trouble with thick acrylic or other materials.

150W Laser
Package Retail Price: $12,999
$2,000 Savings

The Laguna SmartShop® Laser|LCB is a cost-effective CNC Co2 Laser Cutter and Engraver, making it the perfect industrial machine for making signs, lights, decorations, crafts, and more. Works on just about all materials such as wood, acrylic, fabric, leather, MDF, corian, starboard, ABS board, rubber, plastic, coated metals, and more. Hiwin rails and a solid welded frame ensure rigidity and precision. 

52" x 100" Table
Package Retail Price: $18,500
$4,000 Savings

15% Off + Free Tooling Kit

The Laguna Swift CNC offers a rugged platform with rigidity and accuracy to process materials including wood, plastics, foams, aluminum and composites.

Built to the same standards as our SmartShop® line and using many of the same components, the Swift Vacuum CNC is a durable machine that your business can depend on.

The Laguna SmartShop® MT is the most versatile router platform ever created. This CNC can be configured to meet multiple production needs in a single machine.

Laguna CBX fiber laser cutting system designed and optimized for quick and reliable precision cutting of ferrous and nonferrous metals. The CBX is extremely easy to run and maintain. The compact footprint minimizes the space requirements needed and maximizes productivity. We do not take any shortcuts as the CBX will come standard with an IPG photonics resonator and US support. 

1.5KW Laser
Package Retail Price: $109,000
$26,000 Savings
2KW Laser
Package Retail Price: $139,000
$32,000 Savings

The Laguna SmartShop® Laser|FC boasts a HiPerformance IPG fiber laser, paired with an ultra-rigid frame and gantry. Promoting accuracy and high-speed processing, the FC is available with multiple power supply options. This fiber laser is also wifi equipped, allowing the machine to be accessed online for remote viewing. Let the SmartShop® Laser|FC take your production to all-new heights.

1KW Laser
Package Retail Price: $105,000
$21,000 Savings
Fiber Lasers
Industrial Machines
LT24 Thumbnail 1
LT24 Bandsaw
10% Off

The standard high/low resaw fence, geared trunnions and EZ tension indicator make operation a breeze. Our award winning Laguna Guide system features thumb screws for quick adjustment and precision control.

With its anodized aluminum sliding table and heavy-duty rip fence, Laguna Panelsaws are high performance machines that can stand up to any ambitious task.

Panelsaw P12 10 1 1 1
P12|10 Panelsaw
Retail Price: $13,999
$1,399 Savings
Retail Price: $17,995
$1,799 Savings

The J|16 Jointer is the true heavyweight of jointers. Our 16″ version features a total length of over 8 feet. The heavy cast-iron tables are supported by parallelogram adjusters and controlled through precision hand-wheel adjusters. The Laguna ShearTec cutterhead is equipped with German carbide insert knives for maximum durability and quick replacement.

Retail Price: $10,499
$1,049 Savings

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