IWF Connect is the woodworking industry’s newest trade show event. It’s also directly connected to the oldest: IWF Atlanta, the #1 U.S. woodworking trade show and conference for more than 50 years. Staged biannually, IWF Atlanta brings together the woodworking industry’s full spectrum of products, from raw materials, supplies and finishing accessories to woodworking and material processing machinery. Plus the newest products, trends and solutions for wood, plastic and related material processing sectors.

What's at the Laguna Tools Booth?

Show Specials

To celebrate the arrival of IWF Connect, qualifying CNC’s, Lasers & Edgebanders will be available at show prices

Featured Machines

Along with our show specials, we’re featuring our Laguna favorites from our LT24 Bandsaw to our SmartShop® M2

Live Demos

We will be demonstrating our top sellers so you can see their strong performance first hand

Live Chat

Our Laguna Tools experts will be standing by to answer all your machinery questions

Take Advantage Of Our IWF Connect Specials

The Smartshop® 2 is the workhorse of businesses all around the world. Featuring three standard work table options, two spindle options and several customizations with accessories to be added. The SmartShop® 2 will increase your production exponentially.

4' x 8' Table

(Was $52,995)


5' x 10' Table

(Was $55,702)


Based on the robust and reliable platform of the SmartShop 2, proven in hundreds of applications over the past 10 years, the SS SUV offers a host of new features and enhanced performance. Developed in cooperation with B+R Automation, the SS SUV uses the latest servo and controls technology available today, including powerful control and program features usually only found on much higher priced systems.

4' x 8' Table

(Was $58,430)


5' x 10' Table

(Was $62,755)


Developed with the highest-quality components from Industry leaders Fanuc and HSD, the Smartshop 3 was developed for those customers demanding the highest possible throughput and productivity. The heavy-duty fixed table design saves valuable floor space while allowing for a high rate of material removal and sheet processing under continuous duty conditions.

4' x 8' Table

(Was $79,175)


5' x 10' Table

(Was $88,395)


The Automatic Loading and Unloading machine complete with clean sweep technology is a game changer for those shops looking to produce the maximum number of orders with quick and reliable delivery times. Primarily designed for the panel processing sector, the SmartShop AL also excels at machining plastic and non-ferrous metals.

4' x 8' Table

(Was $89,900)


The Laguna SmartShop® Laser|EX is a powerful CO2 laser cutter and engraver that comes packed with user-friendly features to make operation a breeze. The EX comes with a specialized linear guide rail system for increased accuracy and longevity, an automatic focusing head and more. With a 150W laser tube packed inside, this machine has no trouble with thick acrylic or other materials.

3651 150 Watt

(Was $12,620)


The Bandit 4 is perfect for small shops that are doing thin edgebanding from 0.4-3mm product. This machine features top/bottom and front/rear edge scraping and buffing. The Bandit 4 also has a swiveling control cabinet that enables you to control the machine during both job setup and while edgebanding material.

(Was $22,499)


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