1000 CNC School Competition

Laguna Tools Announces First Annual $1,000 CNC School Competition Showcasing Creativity in Today’s Woodworking Educational Programs. Irvine, California – Laguna Tools, a leading innovator of advanced and affordable woodworking equipment for professionals and serious hobbyists, is challenging trade schools, high schools and colleges to share their woodworking creativity for a chance to win $1,000 in cash during the First Annual CNC School Competition. Sponsored by Laguna Tools, the First Annual CNC School Competition is asking woodworking department heads across the country to answer the following two questions: One, if they had an extra $1,000 in cash for their woodworking program, how would they use the extra money? And two, what woodworking project would they tackle if they had a new Laguna Tools CNC Machine? For those institutions that already have a Laguna Tools CNC Machine, they are asked to outline their favorite projected completed to date. The school with the overall winning entry form will receive $1,000 in cash to be used in their woodworking program. “It’s all part of our continuing company-wide initiative to support woodworking education in every way we can,” said Catherine Helshoj, Vice President at Laguna Tools. “We’re constantly amazed by the incredible number of talented woodworkers either developing a craft for a career in the industry – or honing new skills that will become a fulfilling lifelong hobby.” If your school has a woodworking program and is interested in entering the contest, the an entry form can be found online at Lagunatools.com. All applications must be emailed to graphics@lagunatools.com no later than December 15, 2013. “Our affordable lineup of CNC machines are currently being used by hundreds of schools and colleges throughout the country,” Helshoj said. “In today’s highly competitive woodworking industry, woodworking instructors realize that to properly prepare their students for a career, they need to learn how to operate CNC machines, and understand why “nested-based” manufacturing operations are the future of the industry.” According to Helshoj, more woodworking programs are preparing students using Laguna Tools CNC machines these days because they want to teach them the importance of reducing shop space, boosting production, cutting waste, lowering overhead costs, increasing overall efficiencies and enhancing profits. “By the time they graduate, they’ll have the solid CNC skills necessary to make them highly sought-after in the woodworking job market.” For more information on Laguna Tool’s CNC School Contest and to enter online, please leave us a note. FOR MORE INFORMATION Catherine Helshoj, Vice President, Laguna Tools Tel: (949) 474-1200 E-mail: sales@lagunatools.com