Bat Master CNC Turner- 5 Minute Bat Machine

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The Bat Master is designed to give you years of safe service. Read this owner’s manual in its entirety before assembly or use.

The advantage of the CNC machine is that it can, in most cases, fully machine the complete job without it being removed from the Lathe so that you have finished parts of high accuracy that are totally repeatable.

Noise Emission
The head stock is cast iron and houses the variable speed control and motor. The speedcan be adjusted between 0 -1200 (low) 0-3200 (high).

Tail Stock
The tail stock is a cast iron construction, and the spindle has a travel of 4 ¼ in. It can accommodate centers and other tools which have a number 2 Morse taper. The tail stock can be moved to any position on the lathe bed and locked to suit the job in hand.

The bed of the machine consists of a heavy cast steel frame that supports the tail and head stock. Both the tail and head stock can be clamped in any position to suit the job in hand.

The gantry runs along the back of the lathe and supports the linear bearing rods. The cutter head moves along the rods on linear bearings. It is moved along the length of the gantry rack and pinion that is controlled by the machine controller.

The frame is a heavy welded construction that supports all the other parts of the machine

Cutter Head
The cutter head is moved vertically by a precision ball screw system that is controlled by the machine controller. The cutter blade is moved horizontally by a rack and pinion system that is controlled by the computer and allows various profiles to be machined.


  • Motor 3hp 220v single phase
  • Spindle Speed Variable (low 100 – 1200) (High 200 -3200 rpm)
  • Maximum Diameter 8″
  • Distance Between Centers 47″
  • Headstock and Tailstock Taper Morse number 2
  • Tailstock Travel 4 1/4″
  • Spindle Thread 1.25″ x 8TPI
  • Headstock and Tailstock Borer 3/8″
  • Cutter Motor 3.6 HP 1 ph 220V
  • Controller Laguna HHC (Hand Held Controller)
  • Volts One phase 220v/30 amp
  • Ball Screw Adjustable on Vertical Axis Yes
  • Rack and Pinion on Horizontal Axis Yes
  • Maximum Spindle Length 44″
  • Blade Bore 1″ Outside diameter 10″
  • Machine Foot Print 73″L x 24″D x 65″H



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