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SmartShop® 2

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The SmartShop® 2 is the perfect machine. Whether you are performing nested based routing on sheet goods, Custom one-off machining, 3D carving or anything in between. The B&R control system , 12 HP HSD spindle and heavy one piece welded steel frame is the perfect match for any type of manufacturing.

  • 12HP HSD Spindle
  • Up To 750 IPM Rapid Speed
  • B&R Automation Control
  • Automatic Pop-up Pins
  • 6-Zone Vacuum Table
  • 12″ Gantry Clearance
  • Planetary Gear Box Drive System
  • 8 Position Static Tool Changer
  • Heavy-Duty One-Piece All-Steel Frame
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Laguna SmartShop® 2 CNC


  • 900″/min Travel
  • 600″/min Cut Speed
  • Italian Electrospindle ISO-30 (ATC)
  • 4 Tool Holders, Collets and Precision Collet Nuts
  • 6,000 – 24,000 RPM
  • 25mm Heavy-Duty HiWin HG Series Linear Bearings and Rails On All Axis Rack
  • LAGUNA “Touch” Series CNC Controllers: Industrial PLC-Based Controller Developed By LAGUNA and Industry Gian B&R


  • Delta Brand VFD-E Variable Frequency Drive
  • 220V, 3 Phase (Single Phase Option Available)


  • Air-Cooled

Axis Motors

  • X-Axis: Helical Rack-And-Pinion
  • Y-Axis: Dual Helical Rack-And-Pinion (Drives On Each End Of The Gantry)
  • Z-Axis: Precision Ground Ball Screw
SmartShop® 2
SS2 Features 3
Direct Drive Motors

For more powerful and consistent travel and cutting speeds, the SS2 features Delta brand VFD-E variable frequency direct drive motors with Shimpo Gears

New Reinforced All-Steel Gantry

Increased rigidity for even greater accuracy. Minimizes Vibration and improves the lifespan and reliability of the SS2

ss2 gantry
SS2 Features 4

12HP HSD Spindle Standard

The incredible cutting power of the 12HP HSD Spindle now comes standard on the SS2

Popup Positioning Pins

To make cutting several pieces more efficiently, the pop-up pins help lock in your material into place without having to reposition every time

SS2 Features 1
SS2 Features 2

Pod-Ready Phenolic Vacuum Table

To help raise pieces above the phenolic vacuum table, the SS2 features the ability to place raising pods on the table

SmartShop® 2

Applicable Materials


Any Type Of Wood


High-Density Foam




Non-Ferrous Metals*

*Cooling System Needed
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