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SmartShop® 2 SUV

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Based on the robust and reliable platform of the SS2, the SmartShop® 2 SUV offers a host of new features and enhanced performance. Developed in cooperation with B&R Automation, the SS2 SUV uses the latest servo and controls technology available today, including powerful control and program features usually only found on higher-priced systems.

Machine Details:
  • 12HP HSD Spindle 5,000-24,000 RPM
  • Available In 4×8 & 5×10 Table Sizes
  • 8 Position ISO 30 Automatic Tool Changing System
  • AC Servos Drive Motors
  • Up To 1,800 IPM Rapid Speed
  • Planetary Gear Box Drive System
  • 12″ Z-Clearance
  • 13″ Z Travel
  • 6 Zone Vacuum Table
  • Available With Syntec or B&R Industrial Control Systems
  • Helical Rack & Pinion X,Y Axis, Ball Screw Z Axis
  • Heavy-Duty One-Piece All-Steel Frame
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Laguna SmartShop® 2 SUV CNC

SS SUV Spindle


The 12HP HSD CNC Spindle, the ultimate solution for precision machining. With its unparalleled power and speed, this spindle offers exceptional performance for a wide range of applications.


The Syntec CNC Control is a state-of-the-art control system designed for precision machining applications. With its advanced features and intuitive interface, the Syntec CNC Control provides unmatched accuracy, speed, and flexibility for a wide range of machining operations.

SS SUV Controller
SS SUV Gantry

Frame & Gantry

With dual support, direct drive, helical rack and pinion gantry system, and heavy-duty all tube welded steel frame, the SmartShop® SUV is able to achieve a rapid travel of up to 1,800 in/min and a cutting speed up to 1,000 in/min. With a 12″ gantry clearance and 12″ of Z-travel, you’ll have enough room to cut just about anything.


Our vacuum table is designed to provide a strong, durable, and reliable work surface for all your CNC machining projects. The six separate vacuum zones insure that you’ll be able acheive maximum hold-down performance no matter your application.

Smartshop 2 Elite Vacuum Table
SS SUV Pop Up Pins

Pop-Up Repositioning Pins

The Pop-up alignment pins are designed to make your workflow smoother and more accurate by providing a reliable and repeatable method for aligning your materials on the router bed.

Pod Ready Phenolic Vacuum Table

The SmartShop SUV table is pod-ready and designed for full compliance with the NEMI grid standard layout, allowing for compatibility with raising and vacuum fixture pod systems.

SS2 Features 2

SmartShop® SUV

Applicable Materials


Any Type Of Wood


High-Density Foam




Non-Ferrous Metals*

*Cooling System Needed
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