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The Laguna SmartShop II SUV  (Souped Up Version) is the newest addition to the company’s line of SmartShop routers. Based on the robust and reliable platform of the Smart Shop II, proven in hundreds of applications over the past 10 years, the SS II SUV offers a host of new features and enhanced performance. Developed in cooperation with B+R Automation, the SS II SUV uses the latest servo and controls technology available today, including powerful control and program features usually only found on much higher priced systems.

SmartShop II SUV Specs:

4’x4′, 4’x8′ or 5’x10′ x 12″ axis travel


  • On machine, G-code editing
  • G-code preview function includes X and Y representation (Trace) of the selected G-code
  • Expanded G-code monitor on-the- run screen


  • Remote access on a PC network allows remote troubleshooting assistance
  • Remote control Via VNC on a PC network
  • Multiple PC networking options include direct-to- control interface

Controls and Display:

  • Password protected servo tuning screens – Eliminates requirements for an on-site technician during servo tuning adjustments M0 pause function built in with disable button
  • Ability to use and disable programed control blocks
  • Built-in system diagnostics screens for quick, precise troubleshooting
  • Expanded file management control
  • Absolute positioning encoders, with no homing required


  • Cut speeds up to 1000 ipm

  • Servo drive system for X, Y, Z, and A

  • Allows expansion to include 4th axis turner at anytime

  • Helical rack and pinion drive for X and Y axis, with precision ball screw for Z axis
  • Shimpo heavy industrial planetary gear boxes used on X and Y axis
  • 25-year support on B+R components
  • 12 HP HSD ISO30 spindle with 8 position tool rack
  • 2000 IPM rapid speeds for X and Y axis
  • 6-Zone Pod Ready Vacuum Table

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SmartShop II SUV Sizes

4' x 4' Table, 4' x 8' Table, 5' x 10' Table, 5' x 12' Table

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SmartShop®II SUV Manual

pdf5′ x 10′ SUV


B&R Controller Booklet

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