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The Laguna Xcel was designed to be the ultimate cutting solution. Boasting a newly designed frame and lighter weight beam for unparalleled speed and accuracy, the Laguna Xcel comes with a wide range of tools giving it the flexibility to handle all of your cutting and routing needs with speed and precision. With Laguna’s new Xcel cutting system, your business will maximize productivity, shorten lead times, expand your capabilities and increase your profitability.

The Laguna Xcel precision digital cutting system is the perfect platform for cutting, kiss cutting, milling, creasing and marking with speed and precision. The automatic conveyor system with material gripping makes feeding, cutting, and collection a seamless operation. The continuous cutting function allows you to cut parts beyond the table’s footprint. LagunaCut, the newest operation software for the sign & graphics industry.


• Cutting Area Options:

67” x 51”, 126” x 83”, 126” x 94.5”

• Max Cutting Speed:

60 Inches per second

• Cutting Accuracy: 0.1mm

• Max Cutting Thickness: 50mm

• Power: 220V/3 Phase

Laguna Xcel Advantages

Material Library

LagunaCut includes a comprehensive list of materials and their cutting methods for various industries. Users can find the suitable tools, blades and parameters according to the materials. The material Library can be expanded individually by the user. New materials and the best possible cutting methods can be defined by users for future jobs.

Powerful graphics editing functions

LagunaCut has all of the CAD functions commonly used in the Sign & Graphic industry. With LagunaCut, users can edit files and even design and create files.

Tasks Management

Users can set the cutting task priority according to the order, check the previous task record, and obtain the historical task directly for cutting.

Cutting Path Tracking

Users can track the cutting path, such as estimating the cutting time and updating the progress of task.

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Happy Customers

“Our SmartShop® II gives us the ability to produce virtually anything we design, or, in some cases, dream for its use.” -Mario R [Read More]

“We need to infuse technology into the students’ world, because that’s the world they live in. The SmartShop® II plays an important role in providing that technology.” -Kevin K [Read More]

“You get your money back right away when you keep these machines busy” -Jeff Jacoby [Read More]

Additional information

SmartShop II HP Options

5.5HP PDS Spindle, 12 HP Air-Cooled Spindle

Smartshop II Size Options

4' x 4' Table, 4' x 8' Table, 5' x 10' Table


Electronic Oscillating Knife (1mm Stroke)

For cutting soft and medium density materials, PVC, leather & corrugated board

Universal Cutting Tool

Used for through-cutting materials up to 5mm

Kiss Cut Tool

For cutting vinyl, foil, films, thin paper, labels & stickers

High-Speed Spindle

The 60,000 RPM spindle delivers solid performance on rigid foams, plastics, aluminum, composites, and wood

Driven Rotary Tool

For cutting textiles, leather, carbon fiber & fiberglass

V-Cut Tool

For producing complex structural designs from foam core and sandwich board material. The tool can be set for cutting five different angles.

Creasing Tool

Used for creasing corrugated products

Pneumatic Oscillating tool

For cutting foam, honeycomb, gasket material, rubber, etc.