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PX|22 10HP 3 Phase

The all-new PX|22 planers are an innovative new design for Laguna planers. The Laguna PX|22 planers are loaded with features to make woodworking safer and more enjoyable. The PX|22 is available in 2 configurations: 7.5 HP single phase or 10 HP three phase.

  • Motor – The PX|22 comes with either 7.5 HP Single Phase or 10 HP 3 Phase motor
  • Segmented Infeed Roller – Allows for multiple boards to be fed without having individual boards stall out due to small variations in thickness
  • Electronic Variable Speed – Allows users to speed up the material feed for quick thicknessing or to use slower rates for more cuts per inch. This feature is something that is normally found on much more expensive models
  • Infeed and Outfeed Rollers – The PX|22 features infeed and outfeed rollers to assist with material loading and feeding and provide a compact footprint.
  • Digital Readout – The DRO makes setting precise thickness easier
  • Ergonomic Control Panel – Machine controls and DRO have been moved to the control panel at the top of the machine and angled toward the machine operator for easy access and better visibility
  • Improved Dust Collection – The 5″ diameter dust chute offers the option to point to right or left to optimize dust collection system layout
  • 4-Post Bed Support – Provides precise and consistent performance with every cut
  • ShearTec II Cutterhead – The ShearTec II is standard on the PX|20 Planer. The ShearTec II is a 6-row carbide insert cutterhead that produces a superior surface finish on all woods including challenging hardwoods.


SKU: MPLANPX2210-0130

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ShearTec: II
ShearTec: II Cutterhead
The low impact of the 6-row STII makes for a pleasant experience for your ears
digital readout
Wixey Digital Readout
The PX|16 features a Wixey digital thickness readout for your connivence
infeed/outfeed rollers
Infeed/Outfeed Rollers
The 4" pull-out rollers gives the machine a smaller overall footprint
PX 22 SHearTec II
PX|22 10HP 3 Phase
(SKU: MPLANPX2210-0130)
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