Compact 25″ 1K Widebelt Sander

Laguna’s all new Compact Widebelt Sander is perfect for the shop looking for an industrial quality sander at an affordable price.

The Compact is impressive in its offerings: 60” belt length with Automatic Pneumatic Oscillation, 2 feed speeds, industrial cast iron bed sitting on 4 Acme threaded screws with center alignment designed for precision results even when handling heavy material.

The bed is adjustable with electronic motor and manual handle for micro movement.

Industrial quality carpet offers the perfect balance between grip & rigid support.

The platen is fully adjustable enabling you to run in combination with the 4” rubber drum for optimum results. Raise it and use the drum alone to dimension wood. Lower it to sand sensitive material such as veneer without the risk of going through the material.

Don’t let the price fool you, this is a serious piece of machinery!

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  • 25” Compact Widebelt
  • Volt: 220, 1 phase, 60 Hz.
  • HP: 7.5 Main Motor
  • Bed Adjustment: Electric, 0.33 HP Motor
  • Micro Adjust: Manual Handle
  • Conveyor: 22 & 49 FPM. Gear Change, 1 HP
  • Bed Height Min. – Max.: 32” – 38”
  • Max. Capacity: 150 mm/ 5.9” Thickness
  • Max. Width Capacity: 24 3/8”
  • Belt Size: 25” X 60”
  • Drum: 4 X 26” Rubber Roller
  • Configuration: Combo Head, Roller + Platen
  • Platen: Felt & Graphite, Fully Adjustable w. Scale
  • RPM: 1750 Drum
  • Safety Bar: Front of Bed, Stops Belt
  • Oscillation: Pneumatic, Adjustable
  • Air Pressure: 75 PSI
  • Brake: Main motor, Air Disc
  • Dust Port: 5” X 2
  • Foot Print: 20 X 40”
  • Total Size: 40” Wide X 50” Depth
  • Height Incl. Dust-Ports: 66 ¼”
  • CSA: Fully Certified
  • Weight, Net/Gross: 1650/1920 Lbs.


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