8″ Wedgebed Jointer ShearTec II

The Laguna 8” Wedgebed Jointer ShearTec II Cutterhead is the perfect “step-up” jointer with increased capacity for serious woodworking.The oversized tables provide plenty of support to easily flatten long, wide boards while the large center mounted cast-iron fence allows for maximum stock support when edge jointing.The cast-iron in-feed and out-feed tables feature independent adjustment on dovetail ways.The Laguna ShearTec II is at the cutting edge of Spiral Cutterhead technology today. Deep gullets allow chips to exit fast & keep the head clean. The inserts are made from thicker solid German carbide & set into the head on a flat surface rather than a cone design. This allows more torque to be used when tightening the inserts. All of the inserts are slightly angled to give a shear type cut with low impact & less kick-back action. The leading edge is crowned to minimize lines appearing.Laguna ShearTec II heads are all 6 row; most competitors’ heads offer just 3 or 4 rows. There obviously are a host of benefits associated from the additional rows: More carbide inserts, longer life, less noise and vibration, less kick-back & smoother finish.

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  • Motor: 2HP, 220 Volt, 1 phase,TEFC
  • Cutter-Head RPM:5600
  • Motor Amperage Rating: 8A
  • Adjustment: Wedge-Bed w. Crank
  • Max. Width: 8”
  • Max. Depth: ½”
  • Rabbeting Capacity: ½”
  • Knife System: Shear-TecII
  • 4 Sided Carbide 6 Row X 9 = 54
  • Cutter-Head Diameter: 3”
  • Table Dimensions: 8” X 75”
  • Fence Dimensions: 4-5/8” X 38”
  • Fence Tilt: 45 Degree. 90 & 45 Positive Stop
  • Table Height:32”
  • Dust Port: 4”
  • Wheel System: Built-In
  • Weight (Net/Ship) 510/600 Lbs.
  • CSA



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