Can You Build This?

You Ask. He Builds.

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About Wes

With a background in design and over twenty-years of fabrication experience, Wesley November has taken his talents to a whole new level of expertise with the help of Laguna tools. Thanks to this collaboration we are able to bring the artisans of the world an amazing new series called “Can you build this?” These videos show viewers how to use a variety of efficient machines which are perfect for the beginner wanting to learn a new skill and for teaching a veteran some new tricks too.



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Christmas Ornaments

About The Machines


Swift CNC Router

Our Swift series of CNC routers consists of excellent options for craftsmen looking for a cheap CNC machine to get their cuts done without blowing the budget. Efficient and affordable even for small shops, these 3-axis CNC routers are low in price and high in quality. Whether you’re looking to grow your business with a larger machine or you’re just searching for great value, these routers will simplify the process of production without forcing you to dig deep into your pockets. 4th axis rotary option available. 

  • 3HP Liquid cooled electro spindle (ER-20 Collet)
  • 6,000 – 24,000 RPM Spindle
  • Handheld Controller
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Laguna CO2 Lasers

Our CO2 laser cutters are the perfect tools for engraving your favorite designs in acrylic, thin woods and numerous more materials. These machines, which provide excellent value for the price, can engrave complex designs quickly and accurately while leaving behind minimal wood dust or metal shavings. Within our selection, you’ll find CO2 laser engravers with power options of 40W up to 260W.

  • DSP Control System
  • PC Enabled
  • WiFi Ready

Laguna Fusion Tablesaws

Make all of the adjustments you need to your project materials by adding a Laguna tablesaw to your tool collection. From sawbenches for hobbyists to industrial tablesaws, we offer a wide range of easy-to-use machines that allow you to precisely cut your materials into the correct shapes and sizes. These tablesaws also offer longevity, providing you with long-term dependability.

  • Saw Guard Dust Collection
  • On Board Tool Storage
  • Sealed Bottom

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