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*Package Savings Based Upon Table Size

SmartShop® 2 Package

The Smartshop® 2 is the workhorse of businesses all around the world. Featuring three standard work table options, two spindle options and several customizations with accessories to be added. The SmartShop® 2 will increase your production exponentially.


$8,018 - $10,917 In Savings*

SmartShop® SUV Package

Based on the robust and reliable platform of the Smart Shop® 2, proven in hundreds of applications over the past 10 years, the SmartShop® 2 SUV offers a host of new features and enhanced performance.


$8,018 - $10,917 In Savings*

SmartShop® M Package

The Best Value CNC Router available on the market, The SmartShop® M offers the capabilities of a full-scale, high priced CNC Router without the price point.


$7,612 - $10,511 In Savings*

SmartShop® 3 Package

Developed with the highest-quality components from Industry leaders Fanuc and HSD, the Smartshop® 3 was developed for those customers demanding the highest possible throughput and productivity. The heavy-duty fixed table design saves valuable floor space while allowing for a high rate of material removal and sheet processing under continuous duty conditions.


$14,068 - $22,764 In Savings*

iQ Pro Package

The Laguna IQ PRO WITH ATC has enhanced the best-selling IQ CNC with an advanced handheld control that allows for tool path previewing, 5 position automatic tool changer & vacuum table.


$2,222 In Savings*

SmartShop® Laser|EX Package

The Laguna SmartShop® Laser EX is a powerful CO2 laser cutter and engraver that comes packed with user-friendly features to make operation a breeze. The EX comes with a specialized linear guide rail system for increased accuracy and longevity, an automatic focusing head and more. With a 150W laser tube packed inside, this machine has no trouble with thick acrylic or other materials.

Package Price: $9,999


$3,550 In Savings*

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